The Brand New Music on the "Are You Listening" CD Was Independently Released Earlier in the Year by the Australia Band, BabyJane

New York, NY, December 30, 2011 --( The album is hard rock and metal music at its best and Sunset (Records) has set up the CD to be released all over the world, on January 24th, 2012.

The songs are edgy with aggressive lyrics and accessible hooks that make up a solid full length CD. The band has great talent musically and production wise, and has a high powered rocking vocalist, Andy Smith. The songwriting (Paul Judge, Nik Katz and Andy Smith all write the songs accordingly on this CD) and melodic approach to hard rock music, is steady all the way through the entire album. The hit potential on songs like the first single being worked to radio by Sunset (Records), “Four Rusted Egos” is very current by today’s standards in music, and the playing by everyone in the band, is at a high level on every song on this debt album being released at Sunset on January 24th, next year in 2012.

The track listing on the Full length CD is as follows:

Are You Listening
Give It All Up
Bangin’ Little Gutters
Sinner Stone
Dirty Li’l Secret
Twenty Too Many
Miss Scorpio
Four Rusted Egos
Tell Me What I Need To Know

“This is a rocking album,” says Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset Records, “with sick playing that is at a huge level and they have serious guitar work, with powerful vox.” The album has eleven of the hardest rock songs that have hit stores in a very long time. The CD was mixed by the award winning and multi platinum, platinum and gold record selling producer, Michael Wagener (Metallica, Skid Row, more). And, even though the CD was released by the band last March in 2011, the Sunset label wanted to release it worldwide to stores as a front line CD. The label also states that a new album produced by (Michael) Wagener will be recorded next summer in 2012. “We will use this debut CD as the springboard to not only the next CD to be released by the band, it will also get the band out there in a big way,” (Don) Lichterman says about the Australian based band.

The band is no doubt a full blown metal and hard rock band with a guitarist (John Gerasolo) that helps the band soar through every song. The constant drum (Nik 'Animal' Kats) sound is also evident in every song on the 11 song CD which elevates the booming bass (Paul Judge) work on these songs. After hearing every song produced on this debut album by BabyJane, they deliver a high energy CD filled with high octane songs that make you want to rock the house. The aggressive attitude is led by a powerful vocal music artist, Andy Smith. The band seems to focus on life while growing up in their Australian town of Perth. Their songs are exceptional hard rock songs with lyrics that are very poignant to life and the compositions of the songs are at the highest level.

Highlights on this album are the first single “Four Rusted Egos," and the obvious AOL rock tracks, like the opening song on the LP, "Are You Listening?," "Give It Up" and "Sinner Stone." Overall, this album is great for hard rock fans, and is written with great masterful and accessible lyrics and is one of the hardest rockin CDs released by a new band, in decades. The eleven (11) song full length "Are You Listening?" is a must for metal and hard rock fans all over the world. The CD will be made available on January 24th, in stores all over the world.

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