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Top Productivity Goals and Habits App (iTunes and Android) – and now Amazon Bestseller – revolutionizes goal achievement for thousands worldwide.

San Diego, CA, December 30, 2011 --( Like most inventions, The Habit Factor was born out of a great deal of frustration. "Years would come and go … and I seemingly tried every goal achievement system imaginable. I'd buy all the books and CDs. For me, working from an endless to-do list was ultimately demotivating. I'd set one goal after another with no luck. It was frustrating!" says Martin Grunburg, author of the book The Habit Factor and designer of the bestselling app of the same name. The Habit Factor app has been featured by iTunes on three continents, numerous top productivity blogs including Lifehacker and, and even garnered Grunburg an invitation to present at TEDx in the United Arab Emirates last May.

In The Habit Factor book, Grunburg explains how his fortunes changed when he finally nailed a big goal: paddling from Catalina to Manhattan Beach in the Catalina Classic, a 32-mile open-ocean paddling event. "Although I had no paddleboard or paddling experience, I ultimately completed the event with only six months to train. The event had always been a ‘bucket list’ item for me. This success made me reflect a great deal about the process I used; it occurred to me that my focus was exclusively on developing core, supportive behaviors (HABITS) that drove the realization of my goal. I realized my success did not come from working from a to-do list for the event. Instead, my process was to plan and track just 5 habits I hoped to develop – habits I believed would lead to the goal’s attainment." Completing the Catalina Classic prompted Grunburg to test the process once again, this time for another bucket list item: an Ironman triathlon (with no prior triathlon or running experience, not even a 5K). Once he completed the Ironman triathlon via his habit-development process, he felt it was time to share the system.

Grunburg then worked with a handful of executives and coached them to achieve their goals using The Habit Factor methodology, which he turned into a mobile app, and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, The Habit Factor is a top productivity app that has been downloaded over 50,000 times (Free and Paid versions) and exists on both Android and iPhone platforms. Grunburg says one of the greatest things about the mobile application platform is the near-immediate feedback from users. Reading users’ reviews and emails about their successes is extremely rewarding and humbling, he says.

Grunburg’s app utilizes what he calls Habit Alignment Technology™. "It's just a simple way to associate/align core, related habits to your desired goal. We have found it is the easiest and fastest way to gain the much needed traction and momentum required to achieve a goal. The process is first to plan and then track your habits. It's simple, quick and highly effective.”

Why a Book?

The more Grunburg studied habit, the more fascinating habit as a sole subject matter became. "I felt it was critically important not to provide yet another self-help book based solely upon a list of values or principles, rehashing much of the same content already out there." And, given the effectiveness of the app and methodology, he kept wondering why nobody had written a book exclusively on the subject of Habit as it related to goal achievement – which, he explains, is the most powerful force behind All goal achievement. “There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about habit,” he says. “Consider that the large majority of people first associate habit with a negative connotation."

Perhaps even more interesting, Grunburg states that the numerous habit and goals apps in the marketplace make no distinction between habits and goals, and often confuse the two. "Unfortunately, the link between goal achievement and habit hasn't been broached – not on any significant scale and not with any step-by-step process. The book is really a very deep study of habit from multiple dimensions: philosophy, spirituality and even scientific to help enlighten the reader about the profound impact habit has on all facets of our life."

With the book now in digital form (Kindle and iBook), it provides those who enjoy the app a much deeper understanding of the subject of habit as well as a quick way to access the book. "I share what I believe to be some interesting theories about habit as well as supportive philosophy and, of course, some of the latest neuroscience and what is now understood about our brains and habit development." What readers end up with is a step-by-step methodology supported by a 238-page book.

Looking Ahead: The Habit Factor® 2.0

"THF 2.0 will be awesome! We're taking all the lessons learned and user feedback, and even incorporating input from interactive workgroups – we've discovered a very powerful effect that a group dynamic can have on the acceleration of goal achievement in the right environment. Think rules and games!" Grunburg won't give too much away at this point, but has assured app users that the next level of The Habit Factor will also be cloud based and allow users to ultimately sync their habit-tracking data to the cloud and vice versa.

Additionally, Grunburg shares that in 2012 The Habit Factor plans to unveil its new, certified-professionals program. This program will formalize the relationships sought by many personal development coaches, trainers and PhD's who already utilize The Habit Factor methodology with their clients. Certified professionals will gain additional materials and an enhanced toolset to use with their clients. “Formalizing these relationships helps to increase education and awareness about the significance of habit, which is our ultimate mission.”

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