Kidsafe Pool Fencing Installs New Steel Fencing to Protect Children

Fatal Drowning is No. 2 Cause of Unintentional Injury-Related Death in Young Children; Most Drowning Deaths Occur in Residential Pools. Kidsafe Pool Fencing does all it can with its new steel pool fencing to minimise risk.

Melbourne, Australia, January 18, 2012 --( Swimming pools are extremely desirable additions to any home, and can make room for many activities for friends and family. The fun and interesting nature of swimming pools, however, pose a very real threat to those who do not understand the danger it poses.

A report by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in America shows that children aged one to four are most likely to die from drowning. It has even been shown that 30% of all unintentional injury-related deaths of children aged one to four is caused by fatal drowning. Even older children are vulnerable, with children under fourteen years of age comprising one in five drowning deaths.

The same report from the CDC shows that most cases of drowning occur in residential pools, and that the young children were ‘last seen’ in the home and out of sight for less than five minutes. The CDC also says that that four-sided pool fencing can decrease drowning injuries by a massive 83%, citing the protection they provide even when children wander around unsupervised.

While these statistics were gleaned from America, their implications are no less relevant for people around the world. These findings and so many like them have prompted KidSafe Pool Fencing to open up a line of child-proof pool fences, from simple grills designed to be temporary to pieces of art meant to complement the aesthetic effects of more luxurious pools.

One of the most important features of KidSafe fencing is the self-closing gates it offers. A moment of negligence is all it takes for a child to wander off and put him or herself in danger – especially when the child sees the gate to the swimming pool wide open. The self-closing gates make sure the area around the pool is always safe and sound, since there is virtually no risk of a child wandering into the area around the pool by accident. KidSafe even provides the option to customize fence panels and gates to conform to sloping land, ensuring that there will be no low spots that children can easily climb over.

All fences provided and installed by KidSafe Pool Fencing comply with Australian Standards of Safety, and promises delivery and installation within fifteen working days of. KidSafe Pool Fencing also installs fences for other purposes, like school, kindergarten, child care centres and school road crossings. The steel tubing used by KidSafe is galvanized inside and out, while fences can be painted in sixteen distinct colours to best suit the aesthetic desires of the client.


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