TeamLab Brings Enhanced Experience to Online Document Management

Ascensio System SIA releases the new version of TeamLab Documents toolset that allows for more efficient document processing and management.

TeamLab Brings Enhanced Experience to Online Document Management
New York, NY, January 24, 2012 --( Ascensio System SIA, the developer of IT solutions for corporate use, launches the new version of Documents module that forms a part of the TeamLab web office for business collaboration, project and customer relations management. With the significantly improved functionality and revised design, TeamLab offers a full-fledged feature set to maintain document procedures online more quickly and conveniently.

In addition to creating, editing and sharing files within a team of one corporate portal only, from now on there's an opportunity to grant access to data stored in TeamLab for third-party users with no registration required. Documents become available to unauthorized users in TeamLab in the habitual way of shared links. Choosing from 3 modes available, TeamLab customers can determine the addressee's permission rights: full access, read only or denied access. Thereby, the toolset facilitates convenience and flexibility of external communication still ensuring data security and privacy.

The interface has been refined with working space extended, sorting and filter options included. The introduced changes make it possible to find any necessary document in fewer clicks. Furthermore, the recently shared files are marked with the "new" sign giving users an instant snapshot for fresh updates worth paying attention to.

“Enhanced Documents module is a huge step forward. It brings robust document functionality and convenience in use to corporate activities we focus on,” states Anthony Smirnov, Product Development Head. “With the advanced documents toolset on board, TeamLab enables small and medium businesses, freelancers or distant working teams to manage and maintain document processing and sharing operations on a higher level while reducing time-consumption actions and this way gaining more productivity and efficiency.”

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