Emerging Hedge Funds Generate More Statistically Significant Alpha and Less Significant Beta Than Traditional Assets

New quant study says Emerging Hedge Funds generate more statistically Significant Alpha and less Significant Beta than Traditional Assets, but Cornish Fisher modification to Value at Risk potentially wrong almost half the time.

New York, NY, January 29, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Opalesque, the world's largest subscription-based publisher in the alternative investments area, has launched "New Managers", a monthly research publication on emerging hedge fund managers.

The Launch Issue of New Managers features a cutting-edge quantitative study by Peter Urbani on Emerging Managers. Issue 1 (36 pages) of New Managers can be downloaded here: http://www.opalesque.com/index.php?act=archiveNM&and=download_NM&iID=2

Important findings of the Study include:

• Hedge funds' return distributions are not normal twice as often as those of traditional long-only funds.
• Cornish Fisher modification to Value at Risk potentially wrong almost half the time
• Hedge funds display slightly more than half of the time statistically significant alpha when measured with non-linear copula methods

An initial screening of the Opalesque Emerging Managers Database (http://www.opalesquesolutions.com/emanagers) revealed that compared to traditional long-only investments, hedge funds have return distributions that are not normal twice as often as those of traditional long-only funds.

Urbani also found that the Cornish Fisher modification to Value at Risk, which a lot of funds now use, is potentially wrong almost half the time. Urbani found that emerging hedge funds generate more statistically significant Alpha and less significant Beta than traditional assets - but more Beta than indicated by linear methods.

When using non-linear copula methods to measure it, both traditional - and hedge-funds have statistically significant alpha almost half of the time when measured relative to their means - and hedge funds slightly more than half of the time.

This is not being picked up in most academic studies because of their prevalent use of linear regression, whereas the sampled emerging manager hedge fund universe is highly non-linear.

Issue 1 of New Managers also features:

• December results for Opalesque's Emerging Managers (EManagers) indices.
• An analysis how emerging managers are dealing with current high levels of scrutiny from regulators and investors (especially in the U.S.)
• Maiden fund launches and analysts' findings on emerging managers

Download Issue 1 (36 pages) of New Managers here: http://www.opalesque.com/index.php?act=archiveNM&and=download_NM&iID=2

A subscription to New Managers is included for Gold subscribers of Opalesque's Alternative Market Briefing publication. In addition, Gold subscribers have full access to the Emerging Manager Database (http://www.opalesquesolutions.com/emanagers).

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Matthias Knab