Voice Over IP Provider ITP VoIP Promotes Its International Calling Savings to Parents of Students Studying Abroad

Brooklyn, NY, January 29, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Internet phone calls provider ITP VoIP, a broadband phone service available online at http://www.ITPVoIP.com, is promoting its international calling services for families who have children studying abroad. Traditionally less expensive and more flexible than cellular phone or landline service, IP telephony also offers heavy discounts on high-cost international calling plans. For parents who are eager to remain in touch with their children while they travel but who find their regular communications crippled by high calling costs, ITP VoIP offers viable international calling discounts that make it possible to stay in contact.

ITP VoIP’s Global Unlimited plan, available to consumers for only $24.99 per month, includes both unlimited local phone service and long-distance internet phone calls within the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and more than 60 other countries in Europe, South America, Asia, and more. The low-cost international rates allow for regular communication between traveling students and their families, with the added benefit that ITP VoIP’s plans are purchasable by the month. Consumers can then avoid paying for hefty year or two year-long phone plans, and can choose to tailor their VoIP call service around the specific dates of their children’s student’s study abroad curriculums.

The Global Unlimited plan also guarantees clients will receive other benefits typical of IP telephony services. Users receive unlimited calls to other ITP VoIP subscribers, and will also retain their existing phone numbers (selected from over 220 US area codes) to ensure that the transition between services is smooth and hassle-free. Subscribers will also have access to ITP VoIP’s broadband phone online account management, which allows them to control all aspects of their accounts through the web, including their personal preferences and settings, voicemail access, and more.

The VoIP call plan’s low cost enables parents to call their children as many times per month as they’d like, without concerns about call length, number of calls, or international rates, but the Global Unlimited plan also includes many domestic benefits. The IP telephony company includes a range of convenient features on all of its plans, including call forwarding, voicemail management, three-way calling, VIP ringtones, hold music, specific block lists, and more.

As a further benefit to customers, ITP VoIP also recently announced its limited-time offer to send a complimentary router and adapter to all new customers who sign up for international and local phone service. The free hardware not only promises easier home setup of the broadband phone service, but also ensures further discounts as customers will not need to purchase their own routers.

To learn more about ITP VoIP and its international calling plan, find the IP telephony company online at http://www.ITPVoIP.com. ITP VoIP also posts further information about its services at its blog, http://www.ITPVoIPblog.com; its Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/ITPVoIP ; and its Twitter, http://twitter.com/ITPVoIP.

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