Couriers Should be Well Prepared for Extreme Weather Says Shiply

Transport marketplace Shiply recommends that couriers should take extra precautions for driving in harsh conditions as Britain is hit by freezing conditions.

Couriers Should be Well Prepared for Extreme Weather Says Shiply
London, United Kingdom, February 10, 2012 --( After a less-than white Christmas the UK has been subject to severe weather through the beginning of February. Temperatures overnight have fallen as low as -13°C owing to frigid easterly Siberian winds chilling places in Europe as low as -36°C.

The MET office has issued severe weather warnings for ice and snow up and down the country and predicts that the clash between east and west weather systems will continue into March. As areas of high and low pressure converge they could potentially bring further disruption to transport across Britain in the shape of frosty, foggy conditions.

Snowfall was dense enough to cancel some 600 flight at Heathrow flights and strand hundreds of vehicles on the M25 and M40. According to the RAC, it has been the busiest February weekend ever as thousands of cars succumbed to the elements.

Robert Matthams, Managing Director of Shiply, the online transport marketplace with more than 40,000 delivery companies as members, has urged couriers and delivery drivers to be well prepared for the harsh road conditions that could cause problems, especially those who often travel the length of the country.

“It’s important for drivers to be prepared, especially couriers and removal companies as they often travel hundreds of miles a day. While the weather might be mild in some parts of the country their destinations might not be so hospitable.

“In the UK we’re notorious for being underprepared for snow. I would urge all drivers to ensure they have a healthy stock of de-icer, antifreeze and to consider fitting winter tyres to aid stopping distance.

“If you operate specialised transport services such as car transport or pet moving, make sure you provide adequate protection for the cargo to avoid damages en route due to severe weather conditions.

If forecasts worsen it wouldn’t be over-cautious to carry a snow shovel and further supplies such as blankets and food in case of incidents similar to what happened on the M25.”

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