Sunset Records Group's Artists to Use SNOCAP MyStores to Make Music Available for Sale through MySpace

Sunset Records Group (SRG), one of the world's leading indie music companies, today announced that SNOCAP will include the label’s digital music content from the entire Sunset Records Group catalog at MySpace.

New York, NY, May 17, 2007 --( SNOCAP MyStores will make SRG artists' music available for sale through the MySpace MusicService. New material released at Sunset Records and all material signed to Sunset Music Publishing will be made available through the SNOCAP MyStore Digital Player. Also now available through SNOCAP are the eSunset Records catalog and the Sunset Live catalog. eSunset is SRG’s digital only record label and Sunset Live is SRG’s site for live downloads.

Don Lichterman, the head of SRG says, “For years, I had been trying to better understand their business model and today, I see their vision in a clear and impressive way.” SRG now has four (4) fully operable MySpace pages with SNOCAP’s Digital Player. “Our staff worked hard to get the music up at all of the My Space sites while clearing that music with SNOCAP.” The first two My Space pages have generated thousands of friends and visits in just a month. “We expect the response for the digital sites like Sunset Live and eSunset to be even greater due to the fact they are both community driven mediums within the record industry.” and the pages are geared towards the labels artists and the Publishing entity’s artists at Sunset have been opened for the last month. and were opened this week. Digital tracks from artists Whitfield, Jono Manson, Boy George, Sneaker Pimps, Fatboy Slim, Pepper, Gavin Friday, Charlie Gracie, Tommy Conwell, Reach Around Rodeo Clowns, and more will now be available for sale through SNOCAP MyStores on Sunset’s MySpace pages. The SRG catalog will not only be made available at the Sunset MySpace pages and digital stores, but they will also be available through its artists' own web pages, community web sites, fan blogs, and email.

The availability of the digital tracks from these and other SRG artists through the MySpace SNOCAP branded MyStores gives consumers access to a variety of music content that range from pop to classical to avante garde to urban to religious/christian. All of Sunset MyStore's are a digital storefront, backed by SNOCAP's landmark proprietary online content registry of over 3.3 million tracks. The MySpace Music Service, launched in December 2006, is also powered by SNOCAP. SNOCAP's one-stop registration allows labels to clear and manage their licensing rights across multiple online destinations in real-time. Using sophisticated music fingerprinting technology to identify and catalog the music, SNOCAP ensures that the proper rights-holder is paid when with every sale.

About Sunset Records (SRG):
A privately owned Don Lichterman company, Sunset Records Group (SRG) is a fast growing Independent Record Label and Independent Distribution Company. The company has four major divisions, the Sunset Records Group of Distributed labels, the Sunset Strategic Marketing & Licensing Division, the Sunset-Digital Distribution Division and the Sunset-Filmed Entertainment Division. All corporate information and all information about the Sunset Group of Entertainment and media Companies are available online at

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