Tugboat Software Ensures Training Sessions are Scheduled Events in Work Schedule Programs

Newport Beach, CA, February 15, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Leading business software development specialists Tugboat Software have announced that their latest schedule optimizing software (SOS) includes the ability to schedule training sessions as events within work schedule programs. This allows management to ensure workers are suitably trained for specific roles within the organizational infrastructure.

The recent inclusion of scheduled events within the company’s SOS platform allows modern manufacturing organizations to ramp up productivity by providing an automated scheduling system that includes events for the training of employees before, during or after their normal hourly shift. Within the skills inventory management component of the company’s SOS suite, management is given oversight of all data related to training. Tugboat customers that integrate this solution within their in-house work schedule programs will be able to manage and track data related to: training history for employees, when they were qualified, who qualified the employee, when that employee last worked, whether the employee is physically challenged, whether they’ve been temporarily disqualified along with that individual’s employee preference.

This unique training scheduling system also provides companies with the added benefit of improving employee satisfaction by giving them autonomy over their training choices. Employees are able to request training by using the employee self-service portal. Using such a system rewards ambition in individual employees and promotes healthy competition for key jobs within the organization while ensuring that all employees have equal access to training resources.

To find out more about Tugboat Software’s new Schedule Optimizing Software platform, contact their offices today and speak directly with a member of the company’s highly qualified team.

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