Tugboat Software Delivers Complete Schedule Optimization Control with Job Bidding Module

Newport Beach, CA based software development specialist Tugboat Software is now offering companies the opportunity to better optimize their workforce level planning by using Tugboat’s recently released job bidding module. This new addition to the company’s exceptionally successful SOS... - March 10, 2013

Tugboat Software Announce New Job Bidding Addition to SOS Platform

Newport Beach, California based experts for innovative software solutions, Tugboat Software has recently announced the integration of a new module within their workforce scheduling platform. The new job bidding module allows employees at manufacturing enterprises to take a more proactive role in... - December 12, 2012

Work Schedule Program Experts Tugboat Software Announce Introduction of Skills Inventory Management Module

Newport Beach-based experts for high functioning work schedule program solutions Tugboat Software has announced the release of a new module designed to streamline training management within manufacturing enterprises. The new skills inventory management module from Tugboat Software manages employee... - October 06, 2012

Tugboat Software Helps Clients Build an Effective Work Schedule Program with Latest Tool

Newport Beach, California based workplace scheduling specialists Tugboat Software have recently enhanced their solutions catalogue by introducing a new addition to their SOS platform. The company’s rotating shifts module is designed to ensure that enterprise manufacturers achieve a work... - August 24, 2012

Tugboat Software Offers Tool for Automating Disciplinary Action Within Work Schedule Programs

Leading work schedule automation experts Tugboat Software have recently updated their SOS platform to include a new module designed to automate inter-organizational disciplinary processes. - July 21, 2012

Tugboat Software Vacation Scheduling Module Helps Build Optimal Work Schedule Program

Tugboat Software, headquartered in Newport Beach, CA has recently released a new and updated module for their Schedule Optimizing Software® (SOS). Their new vacation scheduling module is designed to automate the entire employee vacation management process including employee requests. Now... - June 16, 2012

Employee Scheduling Specialists Tugboat Software Introduce Absentee Management Module

Newport Beach, California based software development experts Tugboat Software have recently introduced a new module for their industry-leading SOS (Schedule Optimizing Solution) platform. The new absentee management module available for their employee scheduling software is designed to help... - May 12, 2012

Tugboat Software Now Offering Free Product Demonstration of One of the Industry’s Top Work Schedule Programs

Industry leading developer of work schedule programs Tugboat Software has recently announced that they are now offering companies across the country an opportunity to receive a free demonstration of their innovative SOS platform. The company hopes that by introducing companies to the highly... - April 13, 2012

Tugboat Software Release New Rotating Shifts Component for SOS Workforce Management Platform

Software development specialists Tugboat Software have recently announced the integration of a new component into their workforce management platform. The company’s SOS (Schedule Optimizing Software) platform will now include a rotating shifts component designed to ensure that workforce... - March 24, 2012

Tugboat Software Ensures Training Sessions are Scheduled Events in Work Schedule Programs

Leading business software development specialists Tugboat Software have announced that their latest schedule optimizing software (SOS) includes the ability to schedule training sessions as events within work schedule programs. This allows management to ensure workers are suitably trained for... - February 15, 2012

Tugboat Software Releases Event Scheduling as Part of Their Employee Scheduling Software Platform

Workplace scheduling software specialists Tugboat Software have recently announced the release of their Event Scheduling tools to be used in conjunction with the company’s landmark employee scheduling software. This new addition to the company’s SOS (Schedule Optimizing Software)... - January 20, 2012

Tugboat Software Introduces New Job Bidding Tools

Tugboat Software has recently announced the introduction of new tools which automate job bidding. They are designed to allow organizations to align workforce levels with changing production demand. - December 10, 2011

Tugboat Software Upgrades Application Designed to Optimize Work Schedule Programs

Software applications engineering specialists Tugboat Software have upgraded a cutting edge solution provided to the manufacturing market place with staffing level planning and job bidding. - November 16, 2011

Work Schedule Program Innovators Tugboat Software Introduces Employee Driven Vacation Scheduling

Software development experts Tugboat Software have announced the introduction of a new application to their existing roster of innovative work schedule program optimization solutions. The company’s new vacation scheduling application is engineered to capture and manage employee vacation... - October 09, 2011

Tugboat Software Introduces Event Scheduling for Their Work Schedule Program

Workforce scheduling specialists Tugboat Software have recently announced the introduction of their latest new capability for their labor optimization of workflow within manufacturing facilities. The company’s new workforce scheduling application now includes the ability to plan and schedule... - September 30, 2011

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