Hundreds of Bibles and Study Tools for Your PDA or Smartphone

Spokane, WA, May 18, 2007 --( Olive Tree Bible Software provides over 300 Bibles and Bible study tools for PDAs and Smartphones; some of their more recent releases include Oxford University Press' New Scofield Bible Notes and a mobile version of Tyndale's iLumina with the NIV.

More and more PDA users are finding that these units are good for more than a personal organizer or making phone calls. They become a pocket-sized computer that lets you do almost any task you could if you were sitting at home in front of your desktop computer. With a PDA or Smartphone in your hand, you can enjoy the convenience and ease-of-use that comes with having everything you need safely tucked in your pocket or purse--including your favorite Bible versions and Bible study resources.

With the hundreds of resources they offer, Olive Tree Bible Software is a company on the cutting edge of new software, supporting hundreds of devices that use 11 different operating systems, and offering a continual supply of new resources for their customers. Dozens of English Bibles are complimented by a wide range of study resources as well as many Bibles in other languages, including the American Bible Society's Spanish Reina-Valera, and the International Bible Society's Portuguese Nova Versao Internacional. eBooks and devotionals are also plentiful at Olive Tree. F.B. Meyer's biographies of Bible characters are featured with classic works by Andrew Murray, Charles Spurgeon, Amy Carmichael, and other writers, along with books by contemporary authors such as John Piper, Tony Evans, and Andy Stanley.

To give people a taste of their software, Olive Tree offers almost 100 free items including Bibles, study tools, devotionals, and eBooks. If you like what you see (and thousands of people do) then there are over 300 items to choose from--you can build a custom library on your device that is outfitted with the Bibles, books and study resources that meet your particular needs. Then voilà, you're ready to go anywhere, anytime, with your library safely tucked in your pocket so you can read and study the Word of God wherever you may find yourself.

About Olive Tree Bible Software

Olive Tree Bible Software provides Bible versions and study tools for Palm OS, Pocket PC, Smartphone and Symbian cell phones, and BlackBerry devices. Web and online Bible search engines are also available. The BibleReader™ application enables users to read Bibles and other resources, quickly navigate to new references, search documents, bookmark passages, create personalized notes, and much more. The company publishes over 300 electronic resources including over 100 translations of the Bible, commentaries, dictionaries, devotionals, and Christian eBooks. The Bible is offered in many languages, including Chinese, English, French, German, and Spanish. Original Hebrew and Greek texts with parsing tools are also available. Visit

Olive Tree Bible Software
Drew Haninger