Technology Abound at February Editors' Lounge

Post Production industry professionals learned about Final Cut Pro applications, rapid file transfers, and cutting edge color tools.

Burbank, CA, March 02, 2012 --( AlphaDogs Editors’ Lounge showcased the latest in post production technology at their February event. Industry professionals learned about Final Cut Pro applications, rapid file transfers, and cutting edge color tools. Raffle prizes included a pair of Magic Bullet Looks licenses from Red Giant, and a pair of three-month licenses for AIRship from AIRware Technology.

Co-founder and Product Designer of Red Giant Software Sean Safreed, walked lounge attendees through the real world power of Magic Bullet Looks. “We launched Plot Device with Magic Bullet Looks 2.0 and it went viral with more than a million views around the web,” said Safreed. During the presentation, shot breakdowns were given in Plot Device to show how different color treatments make a substantial difference in the perception of a scene. Magic Bullet Looks was shown in the new Final Cut Pro X version that was released at the end of January. The program supports: After Effects, Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas and Avid Media Composer. Magic Bullet Denoiser II also received its first public showing during the evening and has been made available to the public this week. Denoiser II is the newest version of Red Giant’s denoising technology that quick shows the beauty hiding behind the noise. Simple controls make it easy for editors to rescue video shot in low-light situations.

Philip Hodgetts of Intelligent Assistance demonstrated how to move projects in Final Cut with three Final Cut Pro X related applications. He started by showing Final Cut Pro 7 to Final Cut Pro X for Final Cut Pro, which translates Final Cut Pro 7 XML into Final Cut Pro X XML using an extremely simple drag-n-drop application. The result is a translation that shows very high fidelity with any changes from the Final Cut Pro 7 version reported by using to do markers in Final Cut Pro X. Hodgetts also showed how Event Manager X manages the visibility of events and projects in Final Cut Pro X allowing privacy between clients, and reducing memory load on Final Cut Pro X. Event Manager X also tracks offline drives giving users complete control of projects and events. The demonstration finished with Final Cut Pro X to Final Cut Pro 7 for Final Cut Pro, which translates a Final Cut Pro X Project XML into a Final Cut Pro 7 sequence allowing Final Cut Pro X to integrate into Final Cut Pro 7 with workflows including: Color, Soundtrack Pro, Final Cut Server, Premiere Pro (and thus to After Effects) or OMF export.

Doug Mielke, partner at AIRWare Technology demonstrated the most recent version of AIRShip and showed how data can be moved at rapid speeds around the world in a safe and secure environment. Migrating to file-based workflows and deliveries is becoming more commonplace in post production. “Anticipating the end-user experience is at the core of AIRShip’s development,” said Mielke. “Rather than masking well-known industry challenges, AIRShip has provided a solution.” Beyond the basic transitions to file-based delivery, Mielke also highlighted how AIRShip solves many of the challenges with cloud delivery and storage. Mielke added, “The Editors’ Lounge brings together a unique group of people committed to using the industry’s most advanced technologies to build their bottom-line.”

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