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DC Building Power Market Set to Exceed $2 Billion

In the near-term, the DC Building Power market is expected to arrive at a minimum “critical mass” of sales needed to cross the chasm into mainstream adoption. At that point, sales will exceed $2 billion annually.

Montreal, Canada, March 09, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Electronics.ca Publications, the electronics industry market research and knowledge network, announces the release of a comprehensive global report on DC Building Power market and emerging trends.

"DC Building Power: Emerging Trends, Application Drivers and Market Adoption Forecasts" provides the first quantitative forecasts for near-term and longer-term growth for this important emerging market. In the near-term this market is expected to arrive at a minimum “critical mass” of sales needed to cross the chasm into mainstream adoption. At that point, sales will exceed $2 billion annually. Also at that time, growth rates will accelerate. This report identifies the near-term growth and quantifies the longer-term maximum market (saturation) potential for these important emerging powering technologies.

This groundbreaking analysis quantifies the potential market for dc power solutions in four specific sectors: data centers, commercial/industrial facilities, residential installations and telecom central offices. For each sector an analysis identifying two key market penetration rates of adoption for dc power was used. The first is the ‘threshold’ rate of market penetration required for dc technology to achieve in each sector in order to continue expanding. The second is the ‘saturation’ rate which represents the maximum market share.

The introduction of dc power to industries that traditionally rely on ac power is expected to cause a fundamental shift in how new and existing buildings are designed and operated. It will require manufacturers to design new products, adopt new standards and completely re-design their approach to power delivery systems. It must also be determined where a dc power system will completely replace the existing ac architecture and where the deployment of dc power delivery systems as part of an ac-dc hybrid architecture would be appropriate. Despite the challenges, the addition of dc power delivery systems offers the potential for improvements in energy efficiency, reliability, flexibility, power quality as well as lower cost of operation as compared to traditional power systems.

In the near-term data centers and commercial/industrial facilities are expected to offer the bulk of the sales opportunities. A little further out, telecommunications installations will begin to offer significant possibilities for sales. The residential dc industry is in a much earlier stage of development than the other industries covered in this report. However, both the threshold and saturation rates are quite high and in the long-run residential construction will present the largest market segment for dc building power.

Although dc power is still an emerging industry, it is already providing opportunities for a number of industries and applications. In this report, 39 illustrations are presented depicting a variety of power system schematics and comparisons, architectural standards, efficiency standards and other relevant information. Over 100 companies, alliances and organizations are also discussed in terms of their participation or possible participation in this market. The focus of this comprehensive analysis provides decision makers with an insightful look into the current and future opportunities and threats available in the dc building power supply market.

Details of the new report, table of contents and ordering information can be found on Electronics.ca Publications' web site. View the report: http://www.electronics.ca/publications/products/DC-Building-Power%3A-Emerging-Trends%2C-Application-Drivers-and-Market-Adoption-Forecasts.html

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