Invisco Announces Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Retrofit for QuietCool Whole House Fans

HERS testing on homes requires that the house be sealed up and pressurized or depressurized by a fan embedded in a temporary panel placed in the front door frame. Some homes fail this test if the home has a QuietCool whole house fan system in the attic and the HERS test is made by pressure in the house instead of vacuum. Invisco offers a motorized damper that mounts right at the ceiling to eliminate leaks up through the QuietCool gravity damper system.

Temecula, CA, March 10, 2012 --( Invisco has developed an industry first - motorized dampers that are designed to interface perfectly with QuietCool whole house fan ducting systems to enable homeowners to pass HERS testing when the house is pressurized.

QuietCool has used gravity operated damping systems in their whole house fans since they started in business. The early systems had plastic panels hinged in such a way that they closed when the fan stopped pulling air up into the attic.

Later QuietCool incorporated gravity operated butterfly dampers made by FAMCO - an excellent damper for air flow control.

Most recent QuietCool systems have molded dampers installed in the same plastic molded case that holds their motor and fan blade.

In each case, the dampers are designed to open automatically when air is pulled up through the ceiling and to close when the air stops so that they prevent attic air from dropping down into the home.

Other whole house fan suppliers like Tamarack Technologies and Invisco offer motorized doors or dampers that maintain a positive seal when the fan is off.

If the home is tested by a HERS rating company that uses pressure instead of vacuum, that pressure pushes the QuietCool dampers open so that the home cannot hold a pressure level for testing.

Installation of the Invisco damper retrofit product solves this problem with a damper that fits the QuietCool duct and offers a positive seal right at the ceiling. The Invisco damper assembly comes with an attractive round frame and white egg crate grille to hide the damper. The damper motor has its own extension cord just like the QuietCool system and is then powered by the same switched AC power that runs the QuietCool fan motor.

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Kurt Shafer