Fanbasse Challenge

The Fanbasse challenge is now open to everyone living within the United Kingdom. If you are under the age of 18 years please ensure you receive permission from your parents or guardians.

Fanbasse Challenge
London, United Kingdom, March 13, 2012 --( Win up to a £2000 cash prize by simply uploading your content and accumulating views, votes and fans on the website. Whatever skills or talent share it with Fanbasse. You can also share photos or life events of being on campus or at home. The person or group of people with a collection of the most fans, views and highly rated votes wins. So you need to ask yourself, "how popular am I?" Please see terms and conditions on the Fanbasse website for further information.

Fanbasse is an independently run service which aims to expose your unique abilities. Whatever your skill, Fanbasse provides a platform that will enable you to express yourself and inspire a generation. If you can produce your own hot music beats, sing, beatbox, dance, model, act, etc. Fanbasse is a medium that may allow you to accumulate a huge number of viewers from across the globe in order to get the recognition you deserve. The website also allows you to link with others online. You can share ideas and techniques with other talented individuals. If you are already promoting your skills elsewhere, upload links on your profile so your fans can see what else you've been doing. However, If you just want to have fun uploading content to share online, Fanbasse is for you as well. Now that you've recognized yourself, let the world recognize you.

connect and express yourself, lets be a part of your world, build your fanbasse.
Luke Binns