Steers Twitter Users Through Abusive Twitter Marketing Methods

There are many ways spammers abuse Twitter. Read this guide so you can be aware of and avoid these spam methods.

Bellevue, WA, March 22, 2012 --( Just like with e-mail and blogs, Twitter and Facebook have been beset by shady marketers and spammers looking to milk these social network and social media platforms for a quick buck. Just like with e-mail, constant abuse can make people really tired of using these communication platforms. There is a very real danger that the abusive marketing methods applied by a relatively few Twitter users might make the Twitter experience less than optimal or even downright unenjoyable for the majority of Twitter users.

Recognize Twitter abuse quickly

There are four major ways spammers spam Twitter in their desperate bid to get traffic to their websites or clicks to their affiliate ads. has listed out these four most common Twitter abuse methods in a new Twitter guide. readers are urged to get a firm understanding of how these Twitter spam methods work to recognize them quickly and know their options in dealing with such garbage tweets. Ereviewguide to Twitter abuse is located at

How these abusive methods work

"Twitter is being hammered hard by spammers," said Oliver Thompson. Indeed there are automated software packages that send a constant barrage of tweets through Twitter and applying all sorts of methods all in a bid to get the recipients to click a link so they can either see advertising or go to attack sites or malware distribution sites.

"The stakes are high. Many abuses on Twitter persist because many members are not aware that they are being spammed," said Oliver Thompson, media relations officer for, the internet's leading authority website for consumer and technology reviews and issues.'s guide to Twitter abuse identifies the four major abusive methods on Twitter. It dissects how they work and clues the reader in on how to avoid being victimized by these shady marketing methods.

"The bottom line is that you are in charge of your behavior. Your behavior can either discourage spammers or encourage them. There is a reason why spam e-mail still continues to persist to this day despite the many laws that have been enacted against it and the technological barriers put up to stop it. The simple fact is if people are uninformed in how they deal with spam, spam can and will proliferate," said Thompson.


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