Residential Phone Service Provider ITP VoIP Debuts Two Enhanced Features for New and Existing Subscribers

VoIP phone service company ITP VoIP recently announced two new complimentary customer service policies that will be added to its existing plans.

Brooklyn, NY, March 22, 2012 --( ITP VoIP, a budget-friendly internet phone service provider, recently announced two brand new upgrades to its roster of features for businesses and individual consumers. Available online at, the VoIP phone company hosts a range of complimentary and low-cost services that are included in its scaled plans, including such benefits as call forwarding, *69, online account management, hold music, and more. Now available for its new and existing subscribers, ITP VoIP’s latest additions include wake up call functioning as well as advanced outbound call block.

The VoIP phone service provider is continuously working to expand its list of features in order to best serve its clientele and distinguish it from other competing VoIP companies. Recently ranked first among internet phone companies by ratings site, ITP offers dozens of features and expansions to its plans that directly benefit consumers.

The wake up call service provided by ITP VoIP is one such beneficial feature that is also completely controlled by customers; subscribers can manage the feature through ITP’s user-friendly online account management system and choose whether or not they wish to activate the wake up call option. Similar in function to a phone alarm, the feature is ideal for customers who don’t have a reliable alarm clock at home, or who prefer to leave their cell phones off at night so are not able to use a mobile phone alarm. Once a wake up time is programmed in, the residential phone service will place a call, similar in function to a hotel front desk.

While the new wake up call function is ideal for families and individual subscribers, ITP VoIP’s advanced outbound call block option is especially tailored towards businesses, or those who manage small companies from home. In giving its clientele the ability to control which numbers can be dialed from their phones, including advanced options that allow subscribers to block international calls, the phone service helps company owners manage the outbound calls made by employees while also keeping internet phone call costs down.

The home phone service provider is an extremely flexible and cost-effective option for consumers, as it does not require that its customers sign up for extensive contracts and instead only offers its plans on a monthly basis, meaning that subscribers can alter their service preferences at any given time. The low-cost carrier’s plans begin at only $9.99 per month for the Basic Plan, which includes 500 minutes to domestic locations, and, as with all of the internet phone company’s plans, also comes with a free Linksys router for easier installation. Additional low-cost, opt-in features include virtual fax, softphone, and VoIP smartphone app plans.

For more information about the internet phone provider, visit ITP VoIP’s website at, or call 1-888-ITP-1110. The VoIP phone company is also available at and, and keeps a VoIP blog at
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