Bank of Cyprus UK Improves Customer Experience Using Postcode Anywhere for

Bank of Cyprus UK integrates address validation into its Salesforce CRM to enhance customer service.

Worcester, United Kingdom, March 23, 2012 --( Bank of Cyprus UK has been in the UK for more than 55 years. The company uses address validation software from Postcode Anywhere within its CRM, which they state has “helped improve customer experience.”

Postcode Anywhere’s app for CRM allows users to automatically complete validated address details inside, “saving users valuable time while ensuring address data accuracy.”

Sanjay Rajagopal, Systems Development Manager for the Bank of Cyprus UK said: “We needed a postcode look-up integration that would be compatible with, and one that enables easy integration with any other system.

“Before we used address validation, we were relying on users entering the data manually. Obviously this is very time-consuming, but also left us quite vulnerable to errors in the data we collected. Over three years ago we moved to and found Postcode Anywhere was the best solution in terms of cost and compatibility with our CRM system.

“All of our customer’s addresses are now validated at point of input with Postcode Anywhere, so the quality of our address information has now greatly improved. More importantly for us, we have been able to improve our customer’s experience by providing the postcode look-up for new customers applying for our products along with existing customers maintaining their addresses on our online banking system. This is really important to us, as we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service, and postcode validation effortlessly contributes to this.

“The software was easy to integrate with and we were given extensive support and consultancy from the development team, who we found really forthcoming and knowledgeable. We have now implemented the software across a whole range of our systems which we have managed to do ourselves without any problems. The whole process is really well documented.

“As a bank, maintaining data quality is a key priority and Postcode Anywhere has helped us achieve this.”

Guy Mucklow, managing director at Postcode Anywhere said: “The Bank of Cyprus UK has an assiduous focus on the quality of their customer experience, which we are pleased to contribute to.

“Contact data affects every part of a banking operation, but it is especially prevalent in their call centres where contact information is required to register new customers. When this is managed incorrectly, money is wasted, relationships are damaged, and the overall brand image suffers tremendously. Inaccurate addresses hurt customer service efforts and ultimately damage customer retention.”

Postcode Anywhere’s IT Director Jamie Turner said: “Postcode Anywhere’s address validation service naturally lends itself to the application. The integration process is streamlined and seamless and as it’s web-based, captured data is completely accurate.

“This integration will enable users to trust the quality of their databases and reduce the time taken to capture customer details by up to 80%, leading to improved response times and operational efficiency. Without accurate data a business cannot understand their customer and prospect relationships, which is the main reason to implement a CRM system in the first place.”

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