Tugboat Software Release New Rotating Shifts Component for SOS Workforce Management Platform

Newport Beach, CA, March 24, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Software development specialists Tugboat Software have recently announced the integration of a new component into their workforce management platform. The company’s SOS (Schedule Optimizing Software) platform will now include a rotating shifts component designed to ensure that workforce management staff can create schedules that position key resources regardless of what crew or shift they are assigned to.

For manufacturing companies to achieve success in their industries they need to make optimal use all on-site resources to ensure productivity objectives are met consistently. Automated schedule management solutions such as Tugboat Software’s SOS platform provides this capability by offering components that ensure management achieves labor schedules that seamlessly align with their facility’s rules and policies and enforce company business objectives.

With the introduction of the new rotating shifts component as part of the SOS workforce management platform, companies are now better able to meet evolving business needs. One of the key advantage to this new solution from Tugboat Software is that it provides management with the ability to predict available resources at key junctures of production schedules, therefore preventing understaffing while helping the organization to reduce the excessive labor costs associated with over staffing during periods of low demand.

This automated approach to workforce management also ensures that companies can now reduce the cost of administration and ensure that human resources are better placed to meet the needs of the company in crucial areas, therefore optimizing the use of skilled employees within the labor schedule.

Putting innovative workforce management tools in the hands of tomorrow’s business leaders, Tugboat Software continues to lead this growing field. To learn more about the company’s solutions, please go to www.labor-scheduling.com
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