Knee & Shoulder Clinic of Chennai, India
Knee & Shoulder Clinic of Chennai, India

Custom Knee Replacement in India - Big Boon for Baby Boomers

Baby boomers seeking a knee replacement in India can now look forward to a superb result with custom knee replacements. Custom knee replacement gives a fit based on the individual's knee and thus improves the longevity of the implant.

Chennai, India, March 25, 2012 --( Latest technology in knee replacement surgery available in India is customized surgery. Thanks to this technology, patients can expect their knee replacement to survive for a very long time. In conjunction with the durable Oxinium knee, the life of a knee replacement is now expected to be thirty years. Conventional metal knee implants have a life of ten to fifteen years.

Dr. A.K. Venkatachalam had noticed a trend of younger patients requiring a knee replacement. This trend is a result of obesity, knee injuries and preexisting arthritic damage. In response to this growing need, he was the first surgeon to introduce the durable Oxinium knee implant in Chennai and amongst the first in India in 2008. He performed computer assisted knee replacement in November 2008. He also tweeted the first live knee replacement from India in June 2009. He is now offering a concept called "patient specific instrumentation" to help prolong the life of implants in these young patients. He has added another technique to increase the life of knee prostheses.

The latest concept to be introduced is the "Visionaire," patient specific instrumentation. The "Visionaire" patient specific instrument technology provides the surgeon a customized cutting jig derived from the individual patient’s anatomy. Patient’s anatomic data is gathered from pre-operative x rays and MRI scans. The images are sent online to the company’s engineers based in the US through online software. An engineer uses this data to design and build customized surgical instruments that accommodate the unique shapes and angles of each patient's joint for a more precisely aligned implant. These customized molds or cutting blocks are shipped to the surgeon within four weeks. Armed with these customized cutting blocks, the surgeon is confident of shaping the patient’s bone very accurately.

Dr. Venkatachalam performed the latest surgeries utilizing this customized approach at the Chettinad super-specialty hospital.

Benefits of Patient Specific Surgery (custom made knee replacements)

A study published in The Journal of Arthroplasty concluded that surgeries using patient-matched instruments give results that were a full degree closer to neutral to the body's natural alignment than those which used traditional instruments. Accurate placement of an implant has long been considered and shown to reduce implant wear and improve longevity.

In addition to improving alignment, the Journal study concluded that patient-matched implant technology

1) Reduces the amount of time a patient spends under anesthesia.
2) Shortens hospital stays.
3) Reduces the length of the surgical incision required for knee replacements.
4) Minimizes blood loss.
5) Lowers the risk of infection

With this combined technology, the implants can be expected to last for thirty years versus the ten to fifteen years with traditional cobalt chrome implants.

The New technology gives hope to arthritis patients

The new approach to knee replacements offers a number of benefits including but not limited to conservation of existing bone and added stability of the knee joint. Utilizing patient specific instrumentation during the operation, the surgeon is able to make New technology gives hope to arthritis patients.

Dr. A.K. Venkatachalam works with the Chettinad super specialty hospital in Chennai. He offers high quality procedures to patients from the USA, UK, Africa and the Middle east. You can get more information about his service from his web site.
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