America First or Last Announces the US Educational National Team Will Lead Their Movement

The America First or Last Movement will form a US Educational National Team (USENT) to make the US number 1 in global education. The team will consist of 7 national organizations that will serve 3-year terms to promote the movement’s mission.

Los Angeles, CA, March 29, 2012 --( The US Educational National Team (USENT) will lead the America First or Last Movement in forming 100 local organizing committees across the country. Each committee will be responsible for developing community partnerships with their school districts to establish the national team’s 3 objectives.

The objectives include, 1) advance innovation in technology in US classrooms, 2) promote a higher skill US workforce, and 3) cultivate a passion for learning for student’s k thru 12 in science, math and reading. That coincides with, the America First or Last Movement’s goal of establishing the US as the world’s educational leaders.

The US Educational National Team members will consist of 7 national organizations that currently have an educational initiative that target students from early childhood thru college, have established resources and personnel across the country, and that have educational programs and services available.

The New Jersey Minority Educational Development (NJ MED), the America or First Movement’s organizers, will manage the USENT’s day to day operations, and work with the national team in building the policies and programs for the local organizing committees.

America First or Last Movement’s Organizing Director, Albert Mitchell II, said, “We have a list of over 100 national organizations. We’ve invited to join the USENT. So far, only about half meet the requirements, and only about a quarter of those organizations actually have active programs.”

He added, “We’ll work through the summer to confirm which of those will form the 7 national team members. You have to understand, this a three-year commitment that will require each organization’s full support, which is going to be a task, in its self, to see who’s willing to sacrifice for this cause.”

The national team expects to hold a press conference in August to announce the team. Until then, the America First or Last Movement plans to launch two programs for the upcoming school year – National High School Signing Day and the 12 Million Drive for 2025.

If you want more information on the national team selection process visit America First or Last Movement’s website or contact, Albert Mitchell II at (856)541-3926.
New Jersey Minority Educational Development
Albert Mitchell II