Cost Effective, Quick and Efficient: Flexidry Floor Screeds Won the Bid as the Screed Choice for Blackfriars Station

Fitting the bill for quality, drying time and cost efficiency- FlexiDry won hands down as the screed choice for the new London Blackfriars Station. FlexiDry F0 was chosen to provide a high quality subfloor for nearly 5500 sqm of the new station platform. The Blackfriars station which spans the Thames, will serve as an easy access to the south bank tourist areas of London.

High Wycombe, United Kingdom, April 06, 2012 --( With quick drying time accompanying quality and cost efficiency, FlexiDry F0 fast drying floor screed won hands down as the screed choice for the new London Blackfriars station. Being a premium quality screed that gets the floor ready for the final finish within just three days of screeding, the F0 formulation of FlexiDry fast drying floor screeds is one of the most popular screeds for projects requiring quick completion.

The £350m London Blackfriar’s station is part of the congestion-busting Thameslink Project, which is expected to be completed before the 2012 Olympics. The new station will span across the River Thames and provide easy access to the London South Bank tourist areas. With the Thameslink Programme estimated to cater to up to 24 trains per hour, the capacity of the new station is expected to be tripled.

The Blackfriars station bridge will also be the world’s largest solar bridge with more than 4000 photovoltaic cells installed along the length of its roof. In addition to using solar power, sun pipes and rainwater harvesting, the Blackfriars station also features high standards of sustainability in its entire construction and maintenance planning.

When construction waste and landfill forms a major menace in urban construction, products like FlexiDry have been highly beneficial in facilitating efficient construction practices. Unlike traditional and pre-bagged screed mixes which generate considerable amount of wastage, FlexiDry fast drying floor screeds come with a highly concentrated liquid screed additive that gives the flexibility of mixing the screeds as per requirement, without wastage.

Also, being available in cans as a highly concentrated liquid helps in easy storage and transportation, while avoiding the generation of dust and polluting super fine dust.

As sustainability becomes the new norm in modern construction, products like FlexiDry which combine sustainability, quality and cost efficiency define the ideal standards for new age construction material.
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