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Regardless of what you feel about gold farming, many MMORPG players are trying their hand on it. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. For purely informative purposes, there is no right or wrong way. There is an efficient and inefficient way to do it. has issued an informative guide on MMORPG gold farming.

Bellevue, WA, April 12, 2012 --( The market for virtual goods used in massively multiplayer online role playing games is a multimillion dollar industry. We are talking several hundred million dollars according to some estimates. There is a huge market that is built on one central premise that many MMORPG players do not want to start from scratch. Many just want to enjoy the game and would pay for a high-level character that will allow them to explore almost all areas of the game map.

The hard reality

Regardless of buyer's motivations, sellers are more than eager to meet the demand. Unfortunately there are many e-book scams, scam online guides and other digital forms of snake oil that try to get would-be players excited about online game gold farming as a way of making money online. The hard reality is that there is really not much money to be made by players who play the conventional way or who play the game purely for enjoyment. There are, however, tips and strategies to maximize their gold farming efficiency.

Expectations determine results, the internet's leading authority site on consumer and technology issues, guides and reviews, has released a key guide on MMORPG gold farming located at

"Don't get your hopes up," said Oliver Thompson, media relations officer for Do not get your hope up about gold farming. Unlike the advertising for sleazy e-books and "secret guides" to MMORPG gold farming, farming for virtual items and game gold still involves work. It also still involves brain work. You cannot jump into this activity without a clue or else you will end up wasting a lot of your time and more likely money. "The real trick is to set your expectations properly and to define compensation not strictly in dollar terms," said Thompson. Expectations determine whether you will get disappointed in this venture.'s guide to MMORPG gold farming lays out the key advantages, disadvantages and considerations to keep in mind before you get your feet wet into this venture. Check out the guide today, it may save you at lot of time and frustration later on.


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