Tugboat Software Now Offering Free Product Demonstration of One of the Industry’s Top Work Schedule Programs

Newport Beach, CA, April 13, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Industry leading developer of work schedule programs Tugboat Software has recently announced that they are now offering companies across the country an opportunity to receive a free demonstration of their innovative SOS platform. The company hopes that by introducing companies to the highly intuitive platform they can allow clients to fully understand the inherent benefits that the software offers to their organization.

Tugboat Software’s SOS platform has proven to be a revelation within the manufacturing industry, helping organizations to reduce labor cost, improve employee satisfaction and meet their production goals consistently year-on-year. Many organizations however have yet to implement an automated work schedule programs such as the Tugboat’s SOS platform for their working infrastructure. This means these companies could be overspending by allocating of their workforce inefficiently by relying on manual scheduling systems operated by overworked front-line management.

Now, Tugboat Software is inviting companies from across the country to contact the organization and learn more about how Tugboat’s high value product can lower operating expenses and improve workforce allocation at client’s organization.

Clients can simply go to the Tugboat Software website at www.labor-scheduling.com and click on the “contact” tab. There, they can fill out the form providing the specialists at Tugboat Software with information about their organization. Within a short turnaround time, a Tugboat Software representative will respond with additional information concerning the product and details on how it can help meet the client’s requirements.

For more information on Tugboat Software, please visit the company website at www.labor-scheduling.com.
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