Invisco Announces a Post Office Box Letter Sensor to Alert Owners That Mail Has Arrived

Invisco has developed a thin sensing system designed to fit on the bottom of a standard post office box compartment and sense when a letter is inserted. Upon sensing the letter, it is designed to alert the PO Box owner that there is new mail in the box.

Temecula, CA, May 15, 2012 --( In answer to multiple inquiries to post office box merchants all over the world, Invisco has designed a simple and inexpensive sensor that sits in a post office box compartment and automatically senses the presence of a letter or other missive placed on top of it.

This inexpensive sensor can be purchased by the post office box merchant and rented to the customer or purchased by the post office box customer for use in post office box locations that have the central receiving station.

There is a central receiving station that is alerted by this sensor and is capable of sending the information to the post office box owner by email or SMS text or any other method that is requested.

Please note that this product is so new that no information is on any web site.

The only way to get more information is to call Kurt Shafer at 800 579 5018
Kurt Shafer