Mount Your Home Depot Whole House Fan in Your Attic

Invisco has announced a new kit to allow homeowners to easily install the Home Depot whole house fans up in their attic to make it nearly impossible to hear and totally impossible to see. This kit also comes with 2 ceiling interface kits and 25 feet of duct to pull air from two rooms or one room and a hallway.

Temecula, CA, May 15, 2012 --( Invisco Whole House Fan Company announces the first kit ever offered to enable homeowners to put the Home Depot Master Flow whole house fans up in the attic.

This kit makes it easy for the homeowner to install the fan instead of having to hire skilled help and it eliminates the need to cut ceiling supports and joists.

The kit also allows homeowners to insulate the whole house fan better than ever before in history. Homeowners in northern states like Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, and others that get super cold in the winter can now put in a ceiling damper system that can be insulated to R49 or better.

Imagine - a 30 inch belt drive fan pulling 6000 CFM will cool any home in minutes. Now you can put it up in the attic and never worry about noise or cold weather.

Get more information at the Invisco web site.
Invisco Whole House Fan Company
Kurt Shafer