Think-a-lot Toys Introduces Think-ets Party Games Edition: A Novel Thinking Game to Play in Bars, at Picnics and on Houseboats

Think-a-lot Toys has just released another Think-ets game—the Party Games Edition—as part of its growing collection of games that stimulates imagination and creativity.

Boulder, CO, June 13, 2012 --( Sometimes you just need something silly to do with your friends. But if you added thinking games to the silliness, you might build your brain cells as well as your social networks. With this in mind, Think-a-lot Toys has just released another Think-ets game—the Party Games Edition—as part of its growing collection of games that stimulates imagination and creativity.

Along with the other themed Think-ets, such as the Fairy Collection, Sports Collection and Beach Collection, the Party Games Edition has fifteen tiny trinkets from around the world, this time for use in games that adults, students and teens can play. The Party Games "tiny trinkets" include a meerkat, giant goblet, magic carpet, purple person, "War & Peace" book, gold ring, and hammer, among others.

Think-ets was designed by Think-a-lot Toys' CEO and Founder, Randy Compton, along with mother and inventor Julie Lake. Randy was inspired by all the dollhouse miniature items his nine year old daughter had at the time and an age-old game called “What’s Missing?” When his daughter, Meryl, was young, they took long hikes in the mountains. For entertainment, they played a game called “What’s Missing?” at rest stops along the way. The game made hiking fun and interesting for them. She no longer thought of hiking as a chore or a bore—instead, she welcomed the outings because she wanted to play “What’s Missing?”

The Party Games Edition gives adults, teens and college kids a slightly more sophisticated version of the game to play—at a picnic, a bar, or on a houseboat—and then get silly with stories, throw objects into glasses, or try to come up with categories, rhymes and names in speedy fashion. Some of the original Think-ets games are included, like What’s Missing, but the company has included some new brain-bending ones, like Psych-ets and Trinket Toss, to play as a group or in teams.

All Think-ets games are assembled in the United States by people with developmental disabilities. Think-ets are not only good for kids; they are good for our community.

Think-ets Party Games Edition is available now. Think-ets are carried nationally at specialty toy retailers, book, gift, museum, and general stores all across the country including large outlets such as: Learning Express, AreYouGame,, ToysRUs,, and Geppetto’s.

Think-a-lot Toys is a socially responsible toy company that makes the award-winning Think-ets games of imaginative play. The company was founded in 2007 after Randy Compton came up with an idea of putting miniature items into a pouch and turning it into a fun and entertaining game for kids and parents. At the International Toy Fair in New York in February 2008, Think-ets was listed as the top game/toy for the entire show by the toy reviewer at By then, Think-ets had already won five awards and was on its way to being a best seller. The company now has sixteen products in its line of “toys and games that make you think” including Story Speller and StoryPlay Cards.

Our mission is to create open-ended toys and games that provide entertainment, joy, and learning while stimulating imagination, memory and interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence.
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