Think-a-lot Toys Introduces Think-ets Party Games Edition: A Novel Thinking Game to Play in Bars, at Picnics and on Houseboats

Think-a-lot Toys has just released another Think-ets game—the Party Games Edition—as part of its growing collection of games that stimulates imagination and creativity. - June 13, 2012

Think-a-lot Toys Introduces Easter-Themed Think-ets Game: Families Can Create an Easter "Think-ets Trinkets" Hunt

Easter is a great time to hide Easter eggs. But think of the fun one could have if an Easter miniatures hunt was included, what might be called an Easter "Think-ets Trinkets" Hunt. Think-a-lot Toys has just released another themed Think-ets game in its growing collection of games that... - March 15, 2012

Think-a-lot Toys' Story Speller Game Wins a Parents' Choice Award: Company Also Wins Two Other National Awards for Think-ets

Think-a-lot Toys is pleased to announce that its most recent game, Story Speller, is a winner of a Parents' Choice Approved Award. - November 06, 2011

Think-a-lot Toys Introduces Holiday-Themed Think-ets Game

The growing popularity of Think-ets has encouraged the company to release yet another themed Think-ets game in its growing collection of games that stimulate imagination and creativity. Along with the existing themed Think-ets, including the Fairy Collection, Sports Collection, and Beach Collection, the Holiday Collection has fifteen adorable, tiny trinkets—this time with a holiday theme. - August 28, 2011

Think-a-lot Toys Enters Affiliate Relationship with Story Lovers World

Think-a-lot Toys is proud to enter an affiliate relationship with Story Lovers World where everything storytelling-related exists and where the full line of Think-a-lot Toys' storytelling products will be offered. - August 04, 2011

Think-a-lot Toys Introduces A Beginning Storytelling Game: Story Speller Uses Words, Images and the Alphabet to Teach the Art of Storytelling

Help! An asteroid just hit the Earth causing tarantulas to run wild. What happens next? That is up to the kids who take up the storytelling challenge in Story Speller, the newest game from Think-a-lot Toys. Story Speller shows that every kid can be a good storyteller if given the right tools. In... - June 29, 2011

Think-a-Lot Toys Introduces New Themed Think-ets Game

Think-a-lot Toys has just released another themed Think-ets game in its growing collection of games that stimulate imagination and creativity—the Think-ets Beach Collection. - May 27, 2011

Think-a-lot Toys “Think-ets” Listed as Imagination Best Practice

Think-ets, the award-winning game of imaginative play from Think-a-lot Toys, has just been included as one of three winning practices for developing the imagination, in the book Imagination First: Unlocking the Power of Possibility, now out in paperback. - May 01, 2011

Think-a-Lot Toys Introduces Top 10 Tips for Buying Good Toys and Games

Buying good toys and games for kids can be difficult given all the options out there. Think-a-lot Toys offers 10 tips for buying good toys and getting the best value and educational experience out of the hundreds of toys and games available. - November 19, 2010

Think-a-lot Toys' StoryPlay Cards Included in Hyatt Resort's Toy Box

Think-a-lot Toys is proud to be a part of the Hyatt Resort's Toy Box, powered by TOY TIPS program, where guests of all ages can enjoy Toy Tips tested toys from an extensive lending library. Think-a-lot Toys' StoryPlay Cards is one of the games included in this exclusive program. Each toy in the... - November 18, 2010

Think-a-lot Toys Adds Illustrated Children's Book to Its Expanding Line of Products - Fabulous Franko Shows Kids the Power of Imaginative Thinking

Think-a-lot Toys, a leading manufacturer of "games and toys that make you think," has recently added a delightful, illustrated children's book, called “Fabulous Franko and his Fabulous Toys,” to its expanding line of products. The book, written for children aged 2-8, is the... - September 29, 2010

Think-a-lot Toys Introduces The Insight Story Cards to Promote Emotional Intelligence and Personal Transformation

Think-a-lot Toys, a leading manufacturer of games that build inter- and intrapersonal intelligence, has just released a deck of “everyday symbol cards” for adults and young adults designed to foster emotional intelligence through the use of archetypal images. The new card and book set,... - July 23, 2010

Think-a-lot Toys Introduces StoryPlay Cards for the Right Side of the Brain

Playing Cards Provides Artistic Way to Tell Stories and Play Card Games. - July 17, 2010

Think-a-lot Toys Introduces Two New Travel Games for Fairy and Sports Lovers

Think-a-lot Toys has just released two new Think-ets travel games, one with a fairy theme and one with a sports theme. Both are ideal for summertime travel and are a great way to get kids using their brains while having fun over the summer. - June 02, 2010

School Librarian Uses Think-a-lot Toys' Game for Wildly Successful School Competition

Elementary school librarian creates a wildly successful brain-building competition using the award-winning Think-ets game which meets the school's goal of getting kids to exercise their brains and spend less time in front of a computer. - May 25, 2010

Think-a-Lot Toys Provides Employment for People with Developmental Disabilities Through the Assembly of Think-Ets Games

With more and more companies choosing to outsource their production to China, Think-a-lot Toys is one company that has made the decision to keep the assembly of their Think-ets games here in the United States—not only that, but doing so using Developmental Disabilities Resource Center (DDRC),... - April 12, 2010

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