Cambodia’s First Crowdfunded Indie Feature Film "FREEDOM DEAL" Moves Forward Into Production After First Successful Fundraising Effort

Cambodia’s First Crowdfunded Indie Feature Film, "FREEDOM DEAL," Moves Forward into Production After a Successful First Fundraising Effort; The Project Now Invites Worldwide Support for Postproduction and Distribution of the Movie on Kickstarter.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, July 03, 2012 --( Despite occasional sporadic internet and random power outages, the team behind the first ever crowd-funded Cambodian feature, FREEDOM DEAL, has succeeded in raising funds to begin production on the first stage of their feature film project, shooting on location just east of the Mekong river in Cambodia, Southeast Asia.

Even while assembling gear and crew to shoot the first segment of the movie based on a successful earlier fundraising effort, the team has launched a new crowd funding campaign to raise funds for Postproduction, Editing, and Worldwide Film Festival Distribution of the project through Kickstarter.

Worldwide supporters can participate in the effort on Kickstarter at:

Many persons remember the 1970 shootings of unarmed students, protesting the Cambodian Incursion at Kent State University in Ohio, as a defining moment in US history. But never before has the "other side of the story" been told: the Asian side of those events, revealed through FREEDOM DEAL, a multicultural US-Asian movie set in Cambodia where the 1970 military incursion occurred.

The FREEDOM DEAL team of Khmer and foreign filmmakers and staff, including a Cambodian Princess, US alt-rock legend Bob Lewis of the band DEVO, an award-winning US writer-director, and a Golden Age 1960's Cambodian filmmaker and actress all have one thing in common.

They're working to get FREEDOM DEAL off the ground in a developing nation where government film production grants are non-existent, and crowd funding – known by many in the West through platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo - is still virtually unheard of.

FREEDOM DEAL tells the story of a Cambodian youth named Samnang (‘Lucky’) and his fellow refugees, who flee the conflict on their border as the Vietnam war expands into Cambodia during Nixon's 1970 'Cambodian incursion'. On their way to the safety of the provincial capital, they evade horrific Cambodian ghosts, while rescuing a downed US aircrew and evading brutal Khmer Rouge guerillas.
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