Indie Alternative Rock Album by Gone Marshall is Remixed as a Shooter Game by Camerado Media

Contemporary classic psychedelic indie alternative album "The Crunch" by singer-songwriter Gone Marshall kicks out the jams as a retro first person shooter game by producer Camerado Media. - March 17, 2020

"Cosmic Troubadour" Singer-Songwriter Gone Marshall Releases New 5 Track EP, "Argosy" Produced by Camerado Media

"Cosmic Troubadour" singer-songwriter Gone Marshall pivots from psychedelic grunge rock of his debut album, "The Crunch" towards alternative folk and alt country with his new 5 track EP, "Argosy," produced by Camerado Media - February 16, 2019

Asian Movie "Burma Booksellers," a Followup to the Award Winning Film, "BookWars," Gears Up to Shoot in Yangon, Myanmar

The Asian documentary film and photography project "Burma Booksellers," a followup to filmmaker Jason Rosette's award winning New York movie, "BookWars," gears up to shoot in Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar. - September 22, 2016

New Novel, "Final Countdown," Inspired by a True Story, Set to Reveal Love Murder and Mayhem

A new novel, "Final Countdown," inspired by a true story and set to become an original motion picture, will be adapted from a screenplay by producer Jason Rosette in collaboration with crime, suspense, and paranormal writer William Grabowski. - September 16, 2015

New Military Historical Drama "Freedom Deal: Story of Lucky" Reveals a Supernatural Side to the US-Vietnam Conflict

New Movie is Released on VOD (Video on Demand) and Public Performance DVD for Universities, Libraries, and Schools - March 14, 2014

Cambodia’s First Crowdfunded Indie Feature Film "FREEDOM DEAL" Moves Forward Into Production After First Successful Fundraising Effort

Cambodia’s First Crowdfunded Indie Feature Film, "FREEDOM DEAL," Moves Forward into Production After a Successful First Fundraising Effort; The Project Now Invites Worldwide Support for Postproduction and Distribution of the Movie on Kickstarter. - July 03, 2012

Cambodian Indie Feature Film "Freedom Deal" Fights Lack of Local Financing with Cambodia's First-Ever Global Crowd Funding Effort

Cambodian Indie Feature Film "Freedom Deal" Fights Lack of Local Funding & Missing Cinema Infrastructure following Khmer Rouge regime using global Crowd funding for the first time ever in the history of Cambodian cinema, to reveal the untold story of the secret 1970 US War in Cambodia. - May 14, 2012

Cambodian Movies by Camerado in New York 4/24; Award Winning Director Attending from Phnom Penh (One Night Only)

US filmmaker J Rosette ("BookWars" -" "Lost in New Mexico" - will be in New York City from Phnom Penh, Cambodia on April 24, 6PM, @ New York University. He'll be presenting several new movies he's over the past 4+ years he's been living and working in SE Asia, including "Vuth Learns to Rock", a compelling and hilarious cross cultural Cambodian rock n' roll documentary, and other work. - April 16, 2009

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