Connect One’s AT+i Command Set Updated to Facilitate Lastest Wireless and Security Protocols

Connect One makes updates public for network connectivity standard for non-PC devices

Chicago, IL, June 21, 2007 --( Connect One™, the Device Networking Authority™, today announced the release of AT+i™ Version 8.0, an Internet command set that enables simple connectivity of devices to networks. AT+i, Version 8.0, supports network access for devices via dial-up (PSTN), Ethernet, WiFi, GPRS/CDMA, WiMAX and any existing and future IP-based mediums. Connect One uses the AT+i protocol as the communication interface between an embedded application and its iChip™ family of IP controllers. The iChip manages network connectivity, security and remote management functions for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

“Standardizing embedded application access to the network is a key industry driver for accelerating the adoption of IP connectivity in many M2M market segments,” noted Amit Resh, Connect One’s vice president of business development. "If the vision of billions of devices connected to the network is to be realized, embedded application developers need a standard, simple, reliable and proven interface to networks.”

The AT+i commands, modeled after the successful, modem-based Hayes AT command set, provide a simplified, high-level application program interface (API) that eliminates the need for complex network programming. Connect One originally developed this API and made it available to the public doman in 1998. Notably, the AT+i command set is on its way to becoming an industry-standard protocol for connecting devices to networks.

“With the shift to wireless networks, the need for secure devices networks has grown,” Resh added. “By continually updating the AT+i command set to meet current wireless and security needs, we have ensured that the AT+i command set is and will continue to be a universal standard for connecting devices to networks.”

The AT+i protocol is communication platform independent, enabling the embedded host application to issue the same commands whether it is connected via a dial-up modem, cellular modem, wired or wireless LAN. The AT+i commands are available for direct TCP/IP socket manipulation and support of standard Internet protocols, including SMTP for text e-mail, MIME attachments, HTML page retrieval, web serving, FTP file transfer, Telnet communications, secure Internet protocols, etc.

“Programming for Internet connectivity is typically complex,” Resh added. “Even the wireless and security commands have been reduced to an extremely simple, concise and straightforward command interface that can be mastered and used in a matter of several days. Design-in time typically requires only one-man month—an unprecendented development time, particularly if you’re developing and integrating your IP protocols in-house.”

Connect One’s iChip IP Controller is easily configured via one-time commands and configuration parameters using the AT+i commands, or remotely over the network via its embedded web server.

The latest release of AT+i can be obtained from

Pricing and Availability
Connect One provides the AT+i command set to the public domain at no cost.

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