Connect One Launches Next Generation IoT WiFi Modules

Generation 2 (G2) Modules Preserve Form/Fit/Function of Existing Modules to Retain Customers’ Investment, While Increasing Capabilities and Reducing Cost - September 27, 2014

Connect One Launches Commercial-Grade Embedded WiFi for Climate-Controlled Settings

Connect One releases commercial-grade embedded WiFi for climate control. Modules offer wireless & LAN connectivity, full TCP/IP and UDP, full Internet control, PPP emulation, encryption, SSL, WPA. - January 25, 2012

Connect One Ships 3G Personal Mobile Hotspot to Distributors Worldwide

Connect One is shipping Wi-REACH Classic, a compact, battery-operated, mobile, personal WiFi hotspot that delivers up to 10 high-speed Internet connections for laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs and other wireless devices. Long-lasting rechargeable batteries power Wi-REACH Classic as it transforms existing 3G USB modem into a personal WiFi cloud. - June 27, 2010

Connect One Delivers 3G/4G Personal Mobile Hotspot

Connect One, the Device Networking Authority™, has unveiled Wi-REACH Classic, a compact, battery-operated, mobile, personal WiFi hotspot that delivers up to 10 high-speed Internet connections for laptops and wireless devices such as cameras, PDAs, and multimedia players. Wi-REACH Classic combines the connectivity of WiFi with the excellent mobile coverage of 3G/4G cellular with a device that easily fits in a pocket. - February 17, 2010

Connect One Introduces Nano Socket Family of WiFi and LAN Embedded Modules

Connect One leads device connectivity again with its latest release of the Nano Socket iWiFi and LAN modules. Working as offload engines, Nano Socket iWiFi/LAN free developers from driver development and their full complement of security and encryption protocols ensures secure data transmission machine-to-machine in a tiny footprint. - June 10, 2009

Connect One Adds Embedded LAN Module to Nano Reach Family

Connect One has added an embedded LAN module to its Nano Reach family, tying nonPC, M2M devices to 10/100BaseT networks with minimal programming. Nano LANReach is an integrated hardware/software solution, providing RJ45 LAN connectivity along with complex Internet operations such as e-mail, FTP, SSL, embedded web servers, etc. - December 17, 2008

Connect One Releases World’s Smallest, Most Versatile Embedded WiFi Module

Connect One has broken the size barrier once again, producing the smallest WiFi module. NanoWiReach, measuring just 1.7 x 3.3 cm, provides secure WiFi connectivity for serial, LAN, and cellular devices by offloading the Internet connectivity from M2M applications. - October 16, 2008

Connect One Ships Miniature IP Controller for Mobile Machine-to-Machine Solutions

CO2144 delivers Internet connectivity and security for M2M devices. Connect One™, the Device Networking Authority™, today released iChip CO2144, a new addition to its iChipSEC family of machine-to-machine (M2M) IP Controllers. CO2144 offers complete IP connectivity and security in... - July 23, 2008

Mini Socket iWiFi Enables Secure WiFi Connectivity for IP Based M2M Devices Over 802.11b/g Networks

Connect One again delivers the lowest priced small form factor wireless module in the industry. With the Mini Socket iWiFi, Connect One drops the foot print to 31 x 41 mm. Powered by Connect One’s iChipSec CO2128, Mini Socket iWiFi includes a full suite of Internet protocols, the latest wireless and SSL encryption algorithms, firewall protection, low battery power and a number of other features. - June 05, 2008

New Connect One Solutions Internet-Enabled Machine-to-Machine Connectivity for Legacy Devices

LAN and Wireless LAN solutions provide immediate, affordable & secure Internet communications. - March 05, 2008

Connect One’s Secure M2M Internet Controllers Power PAX EFTPOS Terminals

iChip CO2128 selected as most secure, fast and cost-effective solution. - November 14, 2007

Connect One Makes Deloitte Technology’s Fast 50 List for Rapid Growth

Fast 50 Placement achieved by Israel’s fastest growth companies - November 01, 2007

Connect One and Wi2Wi Release New Lowest Cost Secure Socket

Serial-to-WiFi module enables secure, speedy WiFi connectivity for M2M Devices over 802.11b/g wireless networks - October 03, 2007

Connect One Achieves ISO 9001:2000 Certification for Web Hosting Services

That Connect One earned this certification reinforces its long-standing reputation as a superior developer, designer, and producer of integrated hardware- and software-based IP connectivity solutions. - August 31, 2007

Connect One Releases Evaluation Board for Lowest Cost Secure Internet Protocol Controller on the Market

II-EVB-600 Provides CO2064 Connectivity via WiFi, LAN, Cellular or Dial Up - August 02, 2007

Connect One’s AT+i Command Set Updated to Facilitate Lastest Wireless and Security Protocols

Connect One makes updates public for network connectivity standard for non-PC devices - June 21, 2007

Connect One Ships Evaluation Board for Latest, Low-Cost IP Controller

II EVB-630 Demonstrates CO2128 Connectivity via WiFi, LAN, Cellular or Dial Up - May 24, 2007

Connect One’s New Secure Serial-to-WiFi Module Protects M2M Applications from Network Attacks

Socket iWiFi Enables Secure WiFi Connectivity in Record Time for M2M Devices over 802.11b/g Wireless Networks. - April 02, 2007

Connect One Ships First iChipSec CO2128 IP Controllers for M2M Applications Needing Network Security

Added Hardware Features, Networking and Security Protocols Speed Time-to-Market and Reduce Cost of New IP-Enabled Designs - April 02, 2007

Connect One Named to M2M 100 Directory

M2M Magazine Editors and Advisory Board Recognize Connect One’s Traction in M2M Market - December 14, 2006

Connect One ChipSec CO2128 Ensures Faster Design and Secure Transaction Processing in POS Terminals

Added Hardware Features, Networking and Security Protocols Speed, Time-to-Market and Reduce Cost of New IP-Enabled Designs - November 07, 2006

Connect One Chip Offloads Internet Protocols, Network Security, and Encryption for Protected WiFi Access

iChipSec CO711AG includes complete IP stack, popular cipher suites, and SSL3/TLS1 for secure, low-cost M2M networking. - July 25, 2006

Connect One Raises New Round of Funding

Connect One™, a leader in Internet Protocol-based communication chips and solutions for everyday devices, today announced an investment from Magnum Communications Fund and other private investors. Connect One is widely regarded as the device networking authority™ by providing Internet... - July 06, 2006

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