New Writer Really Shoots The Bull

Los Angeles, CA, June 22, 2007 --( T.G. Scaife has released the first book of a trilogy, entitled On This Day. A story of fiction, based on actually life experiences, this is a book that takes a person for a series of adventures. Beginning as a simple story of a naive city boy who runs away to work on a farm, the reader is taken on a ride that exposes cruel farm practices, unforgettable and sometimes supernatural characters, the shooting of wild bulls, secrete pedophile societies, and concludes in a twisted psychotic game.

For thirty years T.G. Scaife has been working on the release of this first novel.
“With today’s formatted writing, standard police dramas, CSI templates, the exasperating predictability and graphic sex of so called romance story-lines, I believe the readers of the world are anxious to get back to real story telling.” Says Mr. Scaife. “On This Day is the second book of a trilogy that has been growing in me like an invading plant. I cannot ignore it any longer. This is a story that demanded to be written.”

Mr. Scaife, having a diverse background that includes farming, preaching, having a degree as a Child Youth Worker, hitch hiking three continents, living off the land on a nudist island and a license to be a Private Investigator, has a vast amount of material to add to his unstoppable imagination.

“My diverse background does come in handy as a writer.” Mr. Scaife continues, “However, I believe the purist form of fiction comes from places not defined. Story telling is the stuff of dreams, visions and sometimes inspiration. Story tellers should take their audience on an adventure.”

Mr. Scaife plans on finishing the third of the trilogy within the next five months. The first of the trilogy will be released within the year.

T.G. Scaife explains. “I purposely wanted to start with the middle story. It’s where most of us start our stories when we speak. I also knew it would build the interest in the other two novels, called The Day Before, and The Day After. Farming holds some dirty secretes that live side by side with natural beauty. On This Day is a story built around an environment that fewer and fewer people will ever experience. Demographically eighty seven percent of people in North America live in urban areas. This is unprecedented in our history. Farming has become as exotic, to most of us, as the jungles of South America.”

Mr. Scaife’s thirty year marriage, two children and his own self depreciation could not stop him from writing other stories. He has written many short stories, and says he has no limit when it comes to material to write about.
“I’ll be fifty this year. If I am fortunate enough to live another thirty years, I’d doubt I could complete all of the stories I need to tell.”

As the world shifts to organics, fair animal treatment, higher ideals concerning human responsibilities, On This Day opens a persons eyes to expose some of the reasons for taking a stand. The book, however, is no James Herriot novel. It is a thriller that builds to a climatic ending that leaves one searching for more pages to read. Ben Worthington, the main character of the novel, gets in your head and frolics inside your thoughts as we wonder what Ben will do next.

Picture perfect farms will never be the same after reading this book.

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