Is Your Chicago Small Business Ready for a VoIP Phone System?

VoIP phone systems have matured and now even small business can cut costs while accessing enterprise level business phone features.

Is Your Chicago Small Business Ready for a VoIP Phone System?
Chicago, IL, July 24, 2012 --( Given the rapid changes in the internet telephony field, it is no wonder many small and medium sized businesses in the Chicago area have clung to traditional business telephone systems.

“There is still a lot of caution out there about VoIP for small business,” says Daniel Wang, Owner of Jexet Technologies, a Chicago IT support and VoIP business phone provider. “It’s natural, given how important it is, that smaller enterprise would be wary when it comes to changing their phone system. Plus issues like dependability, service level, and feature availability have made small business managers in Chicago take a wait and see approach.”

But, Wang says, given the improvements in both the cloud based technical foundation and support service, voice over internet protocol - or VoIP - is something all small business managers in Chicago should take a hard look at.

“We have been providing phone support for a few years now, and I have never been more excited about the VoIP for small business,” Wang says. “Yes there is a cost savings, but what Chicago business owners should really look at is the value on the productivity side. You can now cheaply access enterprise level features that can improve customer service and drive growth.”

Why now? Wang says that the infrastructure has matured, as has the service offering. “First, the technical resources and applications to use voice over internet have improved significantly. Second, the model has matured. Providers have learned the best blend of service and product. For example, the backend company we recommend, Star2Star, provides comprehensive support that virtually guarantees uptime and high call quality.”

In addition to a much lower fixed cost, a mature VoIP industry now can provide small business with features that just a few years ago were simply not feasible from a cost perspective.

“For example, multiple office solutions, where your office, remote employees, and branch offices are connected into a single phone solution, are now within reach of small business,” says Wang. “Also ‘Find and Follow Me’ calling that makes forwarding simple is a popular feature. Additionally, all our VoIP phones come with built in outage redundancy, where each phone is configured with a cell phone number that the system will automatically dial if the phone, internet, or phone system is ever offline.”

Wang says the maturation of cloud infrastructure behind internet based business phones is the reason that even small business in Chicago can reap the benefits of enterprise level business phone systems while cutting costs significantly.

“New client saving with Jexet’s VoIP solutions are typically between 30 to 70 percent,” says Wang. “I don’t want to oversell it because VoIP is not for every business. To really yield the maximum return on investment we typically see clients with some common attributes.”

For example Wang says any company with phone system older than 7 years should seriously considering moving to a VoIP solution. Also companies paying more than $300 for their monthly phone bill, as well as companies that have multiple locations with a lot remote users.

Finally Wang says that VoIP presents small business in Chicago with a clear and significant advantage relative to competitors. By providing enterprise communications both externally and internally, VoIP can help improve both customer acquition and retention in lean economic times while significantly cutting operational expenses.

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