Officer Survival Training Event Planned to Help Rural and Indian Country Police

Albuquerque, NM, August 02, 2012 --( Lamar Associates and Narrowgate Security Agency (NGSA) are teaming up to present a dynamic three-day training event that incorporates two full days of live fire exercises. The Indian Country Officer Survival and Wellness Training is scheduled from September 25-27, 2012, at Santa Ana Pueblo in New Mexico and currently open for registration. This regional training session promotes officer safety and wellness and is designed to improve officer survival for rural and Indian County law enforcement officers.

The impact of an unhealthy or mentally impaired police officer has implications not only for the individual officer, but also for tribal and rural communities as a whole. Officers operating under severe and chronic stress are at greater risk for error, accidents and overreaction, which can compromise their performance, jeopardize public safety and pose significant liability costs to the organization.

Participants will receive the necessary training to be physically, mentally and tactically prepared to successfully survive confrontations, including active shooter and rapid deployment situations. This training provides a unique opportunity to learn, share experiences and network in a multi-jurisdictional environment.

The training program includes exercises on building searches, traffic stops, use of cover and concealment, mental preparation for the armed confrontation and officer mental and physical wellness issues. Police officers working in and around Indian Country will appreciate gaining appropriate knowledge, attitude and skills to survive complex situations encountered in the course of their duties.

The Officer Survival and Wellness Training involves one day of classroom instruction and two full days on the live fire range and training simulator. Participants will return to their departments with practical experience in applying skills learned to various situations encountered in the line of duty.

Lamar Associates, a 100% Native owned and operated corporation, and NGSA provide training and technical assistance to law enforcement and security services throughout the United States and worldwide. Lamar Associates and NGSA have provided training to nearly 12,500 personnel from the United States and abroad.

Instruction is provided by a cadre of world class instructors that includes Walter Lamar and Jack Jones, as well as many others. The trainers for this course have a lifetime of experience with law enforcement and know the challenges faced in the field. Many of the instructors gained their experience in Indian Country and appreciate the unique demands of tribal law enforcement.

Walter Lamar, president and CEO of Lamar Associates, has 25 years of law enforcement experience as a former Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of Law Enforcement, and Senior Advisor to the Department of the Interior Office of Law Enforcement and Security. Mr. Lamar is an enrolled tribal member of the Blackfeet Nation of Montana and descendant of the Wichita Tribe of Oklahoma. He has been awarded the FBI Shield of Bravery twice, once for a running gun battle with a fugitive, and once for his actions in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Jack Jones of NGSA has more than 38 years of progressive civilian, police, military and U.S. Department of Energy security-related experience. He has performed personal security, trained over 20,000 federal, state and local law enforcement officers and soldiers in the U.S. and around the world. Mr. Jones spent 10 years as a New Mexico State Police Officer working patrol, training, governor's security and SWAT operations. He was hired as the Senior Firearms and Tactics Instructor for the Central Training Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico and developed the Department of Energy's anti-terrorist training courses.

Further information about the program and online registration options can be located on the project website,, by contacting Indian Country Training at 202-543-8181 or by email to

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