Second Quarter SEC Filings Available Through ktMINE Solutions

Chicago, IL, August 13, 2012 --( ktMINE®, an intellectual property (IP) data and information services firm, announced today the addition of IP licensing records filed with the SEC during the second quarter (2Q) of 2012 to the company’s License Agreement Finder™ and Royalty Rate Finder™ databases.

“At ktMINE we understand that access to the latest market data is of the utmost importance to our clients across the globe, “said David R. Jarczyk, president of ktMINE. “They can rest assured that we place the highest priority on providing the most current data in a timely and organized manner.”

From the 2Q filings, over 600 intangibles licensing agreements were added to the ktMINE License Agreement Finder database, representing nearly 380 different filing companies. Ninetowns Internet Technology Group Company Limited and Lpath, Incorporated were the top two filing companies, and the most filed SIC code for 2Q agreements was 2834: Pharmaceutical Preparations.

The 2Q IP licensing records added to the ktMINE Royalty Rate Finder database spanned 29 different industries, with a heavy focus on the Biotechnology, Healthcare: Pharmaceuticals, and Business Services verticals. The effective dates of the agreements ranged from June 10, 1994 to June 18, 2012, and over 100 different territories were represented among the licensing terms.

“While effective dates in the 1990’s may seem outdated for agreements filed in 2012, this can actually be an important indication of a business’s current IP strategy,” states Jarczyk. “The agreements may be perpetual and then re-filed routinely each year or, in more noteworthy cases, the agreements may have just become ‘material’ to the business for other reasons such as a planned IPO, new dealings with a public company, or shift in business factors that proves the underlying IP is now critical to the business's bottom line."

Licensing industry, territory and effective date, are variables captured and or/defined by ktMINE analysts when reviewing each agreement for context and key terms.

About ktMINE

ktMINE is an intellectual property (IP) information services firm focused on delivering IP protection and competitive advantage to IP owners and stakeholders across the globe. This is achieved by designing solutions based on three core standards: Comprehensiveness, Usability and Knowledge Transfer. By focusing on these standards, ktMINE is able to deliver solutions that provide relevant and actionable information for any type of IP analysis.

ktMINE utilizes its expertise and technology to mine data from the global public domain in order to provide Royalty & Market Rate Intelligence, Licensing Deal Intelligence and IP Business Intelligence through its many solutions. ktMINE offers hands-on research solutions such as the Royalty Rate Finder™ database, and also collaborates with global organizations, corporations, and government agencies to provide customized research services tailored to fulfill their IP information needs.
Nancy Desmond