New Travel Information Forum for Cosmopolitan Travelers from Travel Lifestylist Susan Michelle

Website provides online gathering place and information exchange for web-dependent, fashion-forward "impoverished jetsetters."

Los Angeles, CA, June 27, 2007 --( Travel Lifestylist Susan Michelle has announced the creation of a new user-generated travel information arm of her main travel lifestyle website, The intention of the new bulletin board-style forum is to be a casual online gathering place for niche-centric Cosmopolitan Travelers. “Susan’s Travel Salon,” located at, has taken the concept of the old-fashioned French salon, where similarly-minded artists and intellectuals gathered to discuss the goings-on of the day, and modernized it for today’s chic, web-dependent traveler.

According to Ms. Michelle, Susan’s Travel Salon is not about gathering tips from travelers from all walks of life, since most people’s travel styles today are as individual as their everyday lifestyle. “Most travelers want travel tips that are apropos to their own travel sensibilities,” she says, “…not tips from people with travel standards that may vary widely from their own; this is the problem with large, all-inclusive-type travel information websites, I think. Niche information sites are far more useful to the discerning traveler. And since I can’t possibly cover it all myself, this is a way for my readers to also contribute, connect, and help each other.”

Susan Michelle’s type of traveler is what she calls the “Cosmopolitan Traveler”: someone who aspires to the jetsetting life, but lives on a budget. Anti-tourist, fashion-forward, information-overloaded, urban-living, adventure-seeking, culture-loving professionals who are past their backpacking years, but not yet arrived at a true luxury lifestyle. "Impoverished jetsetters," she also calls them, “…who are always on the go. For them, “traveling” is not just about two weeks of vacation a year, but a lifestyle lived every day. And lived to the best of their abilities.”

In keeping with Ms. Michelle’s back-to-basics, retro sensibilities, her Travel Salon is simpler than the high-tech social networking sites that are popular right now. Social networking is certainly part of the experience at, but, ultimately, it’s about information. Users can join, then post their question or find a relevant travel tip quickly and easily, without having to set up a highly-stylized profile first. Visitors can choose to create a simple profile, or not, or post vacation stories or a picture, or just hang out.

Members of the traveling public are encouraged to register with the site and begin posting their own tips or questions starting this month. It’s never too soon to start pointing each other in the right direction.

About Susan Michelle:

Susan Michelle’s Compass is a travel lifestyle brand launched in 2005. Susan’s travel savvy started in childhood, as the daughter of an airline employee, and continued into her adult life as she spent months on the road as a model-turned-writer-producer in Hollywood. Seeing a lack of information, products, and “gurus” geared toward her mode of travel, Susan decided to apply her own expertise and media background to build a new lifestyle brand in the travel world. For more information about Susan or Compass, please visit or contact media relations representative Jill Rehnquist at or 323-939-9885.

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