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Despite Changes, Long Term Care Insurance Industry Appears Healthy Insurance Site LTC Tree Sees Continued Strong Consumer Demand Amid Changing Industry

Shoppers considering Long Term Care Insurance are undaunted by the changes to the industry in recent months, according to a study by comparison shopping site Drew Nichols, one of the co-founders of the site, said, “Several key metrics we use to predict our future sales remain positive.” Nichols continued, “What we are seeing is an industry that’s changing, but for the better.”

Atlanta, GA, August 15, 2012 --( Long Term Care Insurance is becoming more healthy and sustainable for the long run. That’s a positive for everyone involved. At the end of the day, claims are being paid and policyholders are seeing tremendous value from their Long Term Care policies.” Among the positive indicators being seen at LTC Tree, application requests for new policies remain strong, even on quotes based on new rate structures from several carriers that are generally 30-50% higher than just a few months ago.

Industry reports have been mired with news of insurance carriers exiting the business and restructuring rates on new and existing policies amid growing concern that we are in an extended low-interest rate environment. With the top insurance carriers paying over $10M in Long Term Care claims each day, the need for this important coverage is being highlighted more than ever. Consumer demand for new LTC insurance policies increased in the first half of 2012, with several carriers reporting sales increases over 2011 levels.

“Consumers researching and shopping for Long Term Care coverage are having to make smarter benefit selections than ever before,” said LTC Tree’s Nichols. Important factors that consumers are giving more thought include daily benefit levels and inflation protection options. Advisers affiliated with LTC Tree are using sophisticated tools and proprietary Excel formulas to help clients determine the right balance of coverage, inflation guard, and premium. Once an appropriate benefit amount is determined, LTC Tree agents then shop the market of top insurance carriers and mail a quote binder to the client for review and follow-up question and answer session. LTC Tree pioneered the low sales pressure approach to researching Long Term Care Insurance and remains a leader in the “research-based” sales approach.
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Darrick Wilkins