WorksforWeb Classified Software Version 6.1.0 is Now Available

WorksForWeb team announced a new released version. V.6.1.0 includes wonderful Grey themes series, Image Carousel, Cookie Policy notification and tons of minor enhancements, improvements and changes.

Wilmington, DE, August 16, 2012 --( has improved on its recently launched Classified Software Version 6.0 with the release of its Classified Software Version 6.1.0. Even as the Classified Software 6.0 has already begun to revolutionize the classifieds industry with its premium-grade services, the Classified Software 6.1.0 further improves upon that innovation by adding useful features that make it even more user-friendly than ever before.

The WorksForWeb's highly-skilled team of experts in the field of classified scripts has developed even more comprehensive and complete versions of iAuto, iRealty, and iLister that augments the best features that the leading online classified software products have had to offer so far to its international clientele.

The features established in version 6.0, specifically the ability to modify or update separate functional modules independently, import listing feeds in multiple industry-standard formats (CSV, XLS, or XML), manage the functions available on the front end of the classified website in one click, and so forth are all present in version 6.1.0. Moreover, with the new release, a number of additional features have been added to WorksForWeb’s classified software v.6.1.0's interface and client and admin areas, including an amazing Grey theme set for all key products.

In order to keep up with volatile or downright unpredictable design fashion trends of the worldwide web, having as many customizable themes as possible is an obvious benefit. Various culture-driven online classified website trends exist in the world. They are typically based on leading classified services popular in certain geographic areas.

WorksForWeb developers believe that in order to efficiently compete with them or to capture new online classified market niches, every customer of theirs deserves to have a choice of standard themes to build on. Instead of relying on trendsetters, clients can modify the default iAuto, iRealty, and iLister templates that are styled in an easy-to-personalize element placement scheme and trendy color palette.

Instead of being a mere follower of trends, WorksForWeb clients can now become trendsetters themselves. The newly introduced Grey theme series is a highly recommended addition to the collection of fully customizable themes that customers can develop in accordance to their brand identity or company. The company is also offering template customization services for customers who can appreciate the benefits of a unique corporate website design backed up with a wide array of functionality every product comes with, or additional modules that can be custom-developed to suit specific business requirements.

One other exciting innovation that the new 6.1.0 version of the WorksForWeb's Classified Software comes with is its Image Carousel. This cool new feature and design element is designed to rotate a gallery of images on the front page, or on any other page of the classifieds website, hence its moniker, the "Image Carousel." Unlike other similar elements, the Image Carousel is not Macromedia-Flash-based, which guarantees its performance on all modern browsers, even on iOS devices without crashing from time to time.

From pictures of new cars to the most beautiful houses, any photo can be included in the extremely convenient Image Carousel. By pairing up the different themes available to the Classified Software v.6.1.0 with the Image Carousel, WorksForWeb clients can come up with truly dynamic and versatile designs that will stand the test of time and the many Internet design trends that the future holds. With the release of version 6.1.0 of the classified software, the modernization that was started from classified software v.6.0 and its groundbreaking improvements in module use will now continue in a more streamlined manner.
Oksana Budnikova
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