WorksForWeb Creates New User-Friendly, Intuitive Website Design

The popular classified ad software creator WorksForWeb has announced the modification of their website that consists of a new user-friendly and intuitive design. Customers and visitors alike will find easy-to-access information about products, customizations, testimonials, news and more contained within a fresh website design that looks great on all devices. - October 14, 2016

WorksForWeb Releases Version 7.5.0 for All Its Classifieds Software Products

The latest release of WorksForWeb classified software has been announced. The new 7.5.0 version includes several new features as well as various improvements and bug fixes which effectively enhance the company’s iAuto and other classified products. The classified scripts development company... - July 29, 2016

New Year Release of Version 7.4.0 for all WorksForWeb Classified Platforms

WorksForWeb has announced the release of their most recent update for all classified software platforms. Version 7.4.0 contains various helpful additions and modifications that will make the New Year even more productive and stress-free for WorksForWeb classified script users as well as website visitors and customers. - January 15, 2016

Version 7.3.0 for All WorksForWeb Classified Scripts

The classifieds website platform creator, WorksForWeb, has announced the launching of their newest Version 7.3.0 containing additions, changes and improvements for all of their classifieds script products. Additions and enhancements include a catchy new Color Theme, Facebook Comments Module, YouTube Video Upload and other attractive features. - November 29, 2015

WorksForWeb Releases New V.7.2 with Attractive Additional Features

A new 7.2.0 version had been released by WorksForWeb that includes new modules, attractive enhancements and additional fixes for all their classified scripts. WorksForWeb customers can now enjoy a variety of new features such as Popular Listings, Email Template Builder, Secure Admin Login and much... - July 02, 2015

New Features and Modules Available on WorksForWeb New Version 7.1.0 Classifieds Software

The software development company WorksForWeb has released its latest version of the popular classifieds software platform that includes key changes. Customers now have access to Version 7.1.0 which includes new modules, features, enhancements and improvements for all of their iLister classifieds platforms. - March 16, 2015

WorksForWeb Releases New Model Agency Classified Script for Modeling and Fashion Industries

The process of hiring models to fill important fashion and modeling project needs has become easier with the newly released Model Agency Directory Script from WorksForWeb. Comprehensive website portals can now be designed by model agency laymen using the iLister multi-level software and easy-to-use PHP platform that provides professional, user-friendly results which allow modeling users to submit portfolios for consideration. - January 23, 2015

WorksForWeb Adds Responsive Templates & More to Newest v.7.0 for Classifieds Scripts

The latest v.7.0 Classifieds Scripts update from WorksForWeb utilizes responsive web design technology in order to provide customers with numerous requested functions. Applied to iLister, iRealty and iAuto Classifieds Scripts, the newest update allows greater flexibility in various key areas... - November 23, 2014

Android App for WorksForWeb Classified Ads Released

Users and potential users of WorksForWeb popular Classified Ads software will be glad to hear that a special Android app has been released by the company. Those with classified websites such as iRealty, iAuto, iAuto Bikes, iLister, iLister Pets and iLister Machinery can now not only access their accounts through mobile smartphones and smartpads, but their customers and potential customers can as well. - June 06, 2014

New Version Update, V.6.4.0, Now Available for All WorksForWeb Classified Ads Products

WorksForWeb, one of the key players in the classified ads software industry, has announced the release of the newest version of all products based on their renowned Classified Ads platform. The newly released V.6.4.0 software are now available for users of iAuto, iRealty, iLister, iLister Pets,... - February 01, 2014

Powerful Addons Created and Modified for Updated WorksForWeb Classified Software

Powerful Addons Created and Modified for Updated WorksForWeb Classified Software

A 6.1.3 update has been released for all WorksForWeb Classified Software. Along with the updated classified website software are both new and modified versions of four key addons that are designed to enhance the classified website experience for customers. Classified ad business administrators now have powerful tools that provide ease of use for their customers and increased sales. - March 21, 2013

Country Packages Direct Your Ad Scripts to the Right Audience

WorksForWeb has come up with a series of country package options for iAuto, iRealty, and iLister scripts. The package modifies your classified ad script in order to adapt the website to particular country conditions. - February 09, 2013

New 6.1.2 Software Gives Classified Webmasters More Versatility

For those seeking to build or improve classified ad websites, the newly released 6.1.2 software by WorksForWeb contains new versions of their previous classified scripts for more enhanced web-building options. Webmasters seeking to create classified ad websites in such sectors as General, Real... - January 12, 2013

SMSCoin System: Starting the Mobile Phone Billing Revolution with the Newest Payment Module

Version 6.1.1 of the highly successful Classified Software products has been further improved with the introduction of the SMSCoin System payment module for the iRealty, iAuto, and iLister scripts. Backwards compatible with all versions of WorksForWeb scripts starting from v.6.0,... - December 08, 2012

The Classified Software Now Includes the Yandex.Money Payment Gateway Module

As expected of the constantly developing classified software by WorksforWeb, the developers have recently introduced a handy Yandex.Money payment gateway module add-on. - November 18, 2012

Version 6.1.1 of the WorksforWeb Classified Software Now Includes the Sitemap Module

The module for sitemaps is a particular blessing for all the PHP-based classified script site clients of WorksforWeb because their sites will probably have pages that are normally inaccessible to web crawlers. - November 03, 2012

Version 6.1.1 of the Classified Software Now Includes the Mass Email Module (Among Other Updates)

WorksForWeb has recently released a new version of all classifieds software products. - October 13, 2012

WorksforWeb Classified Software Version 6.1.0 is Now Available

WorksForWeb team announced a new released version. V.6.1.0 includes wonderful Grey themes series, Image Carousel, Cookie Policy notification and tons of minor enhancements, improvements and changes. - August 16, 2012

Release of V.5.4 Classified Scripts

The WorksForWeb team is glad to announce the new version of classified software packages. The Version 5.4 has great number of new features aimed to make it easier and more comfortable for use. - September 16, 2011

WorksForWeb Releases Version 5.1 of iAuto, iRealty, and iLister Classified Scripts

The first week of October is marked with a new release - version 5.1 of the famous multi-language SEO-optimized web classified software from WorksForWeb: Auto Classified Software, Real Estate Classified Script and All Purpose Classified Software. The new version 5.1 contains a number of new features along with dozens of improvements and enhancements. - October 20, 2010

WorksForWeb Releases v.5 of iAuto, iRealty, and iLister Classified Scripts

WorksForWeb introduces v.5 of the famous classified solutions: iAuto, iRealty and iLister. Dramatic improvements in app capacity and performance, new platform and a new template system are all part of this release. Building multi-category and multilingual classified portals is now easier than ever. Advanced credit-based payment system offers excellent money-making opportunities for portal owners. - September 28, 2010

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