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Saint Paul Of Tarsus Heals Author

Saint Paul of Tarsus has been dead for 2000 years, bur now he's back and performing "miracles."

Hollywood, CA, November 26, 2005 --(PR.com)-- Britain’s most remarkable spiritual healer, Ray Brown, demonstrated his “miraculous” healing powers at an evening of Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Surgery, on Saturday 19th November 2005, at The Circle Of Light, Uckington. This was one of many of the events being organised by Peter Marsland to help raise money for the church roof, and when Ray and Jilly heard this they kindly donated their fee towards it.

Ray, who claims that Paul of Tarsus uses his body daily to perform ‘spiritual surgery,’ invited members of the audience who were in pain to come forward and be healed. Jill Divine, author of “Anjoy – God’s Gifts,” was one of the many people who braved the severe foggy weather to witness Ray’s healing abilities. Jill was initially there to speak with Ray and his wife Jilly about “Love Is All You Have,” the film she has written about Ray, Paul and Jilly from their novel, “A Mere Grain Of Sand.” Two days earlier though, Jill, who is severely disabled with rheumatoid arthritis, had injured her shoulder and was in considerable pain so she put herself on the healing list.

All of Jill’s writing is about the different ways we see and feel energies, and how if we could all become a little more positive in everything we do and say, it would raise the positive energy around the world and we may help to foster world peace. She now had to trust that someone with no registered medical training would not only help her pain, but also not damage her joints any more. She has been inspired to write this film after witnessing many of Ray/Paul’s demonstrations and seeing such “miracles” happen. Now, however, she had to trust and be positive that it would happen.

After Ray/Paul performed a small “spiritual” operation, Jill was astonished to find that she no longer had any pain at all in her shoulder. Other members of the audience, who had travelled from as far as Chepstow to see Ray, were also amazed as he healed the pain and injuries that some had suffered for many years, and of which doctors had been unable to help them with.

More details about Jill Divine can be found on her website www.divinelady.co.uk
Details of future events at The Circle Of Light, contact Peter Marsland 01242 681143
Private appointments with Ray Brown Tel: 01889 560909
Anjoy – God’s Gifts ISBN 1413764657 available from www.amazon.co.uk and all major book stores.

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