Tugboat Software Helps Clients Build an Effective Work Schedule Program with Latest Tool

Newport Beach, CA, August 24, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Newport Beach, California based workplace scheduling specialists Tugboat Software have recently enhanced their solutions catalogue by introducing a new addition to their SOS platform. The company’s rotating shifts module is designed to ensure that enterprise manufacturers achieve a work schedule program that places resources precisely according to the company’s fluctuating demands.

For the modern manufacturing organization, meeting client demand for products within a faster timescale than competitors is the ultimate working prerogative. But this is only possible by ensuring that all systems are optimized to achieve complete working efficiency. The new module from Tugboat Software is ideal because it simplifies and streamlines the task of building and administering rotating shifts. This allows managers to focus on other key areas of the organizations and ensures that key talented personnel are in the requisite position within the company infrastructure to have the maximum effect on company output.

One of the advantages that companies will receive when introducing this new module to their work schedule program systems is that it will improve employee satisfaction. Employees will benefit from having a predictable scheduling system so that they can plan their work and private lives accordingly, therefore improving their morale and, in theory, their workplace performance.

This new module supports a range of schedules, including slow or rapid rotation schedules, partial rotation schedules, balanced or unbalanced staffing and oscillating schedules so that all companies can apply the software to their current scheduling systems seamlessly for a fast integration process.

Clients who wish to learn more about this latest addition to the Tugboat Software catalogue can visit the company’s website at www.tugboatsoftware.com.
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