- Internet Radio's New Commission Generator

Phoenix, AZ, July 05, 2007 --( Internet radio stations have a new way to generate needed income from the music they play using the music commissions generator service.

BuyNowPlaylist, the same technology used at internet radio stations and is now available to 30,000 internet radio stations. has a new service where internet radio stations, who need a new source of revenue due to the new CRB/SoundExchange/RIAA fees planned, can now make money off the music that they play through their affiliate programs. Station DJ's promote their playlist to their listeners who visit the playlist and conveniently click on the "Buy Now" links next to the artist-song names on the list. An Advanced Search Page is displayed that shows what releases have that track on them, along with a convenient Amazon, CDBaby or CDUniverse link with that station's affiliate tag embedded. When that "Buy Now" link is clicked and a purchase results, the internet station makes a commission for their station.

Each internet station's BuyNowPlaylist version is customized to the look of their station and is hosted by Stations can add their own controlled songs to the database, so that if they are selling CDs or downloads, when that song plays, their playlist dynamic link will send the clicker to wherever the internet radio station does their commerce. is a spin-off of Surfview Entertainment(R),, of Phoenix, AZ, which has been on the internet since 1996. Developer and owner, James Tessier is a systems engineer specializing in web services for the entertainment industry.


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