PureShowers.co.uk Announce Three New Exclusive Products This Autumn

PureShowers.co.uk announce three new exclusive products in their Autumn 2012 product offering. Including the highly requested Bath Ball Bath Filter and two high quality Hand Held Shower Filters in White and Chrome.

London, United Kingdom, October 04, 2012 --(PR.com)-- PureShowers.co.uk is proud to announce three new exclusive products to their range of high quality shower filters.

This Autumn PureShowers.co.uk will be making available through their secure online eCommerce website at http://www.PureShowers.co.uk three new Shower Filter and Bath Filter products. The new Autumn product line will enhance their already ample offering of Shower Filter units, which promote healthy lifestyles by removing Chlorine, Heavy Metals, Chemicals, Bacteria, Lime Scale and other contaminants from shower water.

The first new product in the Autumn 2012 rage is a highly sought after and frequently requested product, the Bath Ball Bath Filter. Simply put the Bath Ball Bath Filter is an easy to use and ingenious device which decontaminates bath water from impurities such as; Chlorine, Heavy Metals, Bacteria & helps to reduce scale. Chlorine added to our water supplies by water companies vaporise in hot steaming baths, causing toxic chlorine vapours to be released into the confined space of the bathroom. When inhaled into the lungs these toxic fumes are known to have adverse health*. By simply submerging and swirling PureShowers.co.uk's exclusive Bath Ball Bath Filter in a filled tub, it will remove up to 99% of Chlorine from bath water. Leaving perfectly healthy and pristine bath water which can be enjoyed without worry about any toxic fumes. The Bath Ball Bath Filter can be enjoyed multiple times and used for up to 400 baths.

PureShowers.co.uk's second and third new product offerings in their Autumn 2012 range consist of two new entry level hand held shower filters, one in chrome and the other in white. Both these shower filters define the best breed of shower filtration in quality, design and functionality whilst still maintaining an economical price. As with all PureShowers.co.uk's shower filters these two new products provide the highest level of shower filtration, removing impurities such as Heavy Metals, Chlorine, Chemicals, Bacteria, Algae and help to reduce white marks and white stains on shower glass and tiles. With replaceable cartridges which are positioned within the handle of the shower filter, they use an exclusive combination of KDF-55 and Ceramic Ball filtration technology to provide an optimum level of filtration in showers. This provides benefits such as softer skin & hair, helps to improve eczema and dry skin and can stop itchy scalps.


* American Journal of Epidemiology 2007 (Study by Municipal Institute of Medical Research in Barcelona)

Notes to the Editor:
• High Res. Images and Samples available on request
• For further information, please contact: Ty Lee (media@pureshowers.com) or on TEL: 07805 777 762

About The Company:

PureShowers.co.uk was established in 2008 after the directors noticed there was no easy solution for everyone to protect themselves from the harmful and adverse effects of chemicals and contaminants in the extremely hard U.K water supply. They offer a variety of Shower Filters for health and beauty which are available online via a secure ecommerce store at http://www.pureshowers.co.uk. Prices start from £29.95 (including VAT) and can be ordered on the web or by calling +44 7805 777 762

A French version of the website can be found at : http://www.filtredouche.fr

What Its Customers Say:

"Just to let you know we are absolutely delighted with our filter. Easy to fit and doesn't look bulky or 'added on' in our shower. My daughter and I love it because we both have coloured hair, and the soft water actually makes the colour last longer and definitely has a conditioning effect on the hair. Added benefit is that my skin is noticeably softer and smoother after showering. I will definitely continue to use it and certainly miss it when I have to shower away from home. Many thanks for wonderful service and a brilliant product." - Gwen and Katie Branton

"Such a great product! My hair is no longer chalky and matted, my skin doesn't itch, I don't know how anyone can cope with London's hard water without one!" - Nadia Carnevale

"I live in a hard water area in Kew Gardens, Surrey and since replacing my shower head with your pure head filter shower head I have noticed a huge difference in the condition of my hair and skin. This is a great product. It is simple to install ,good value and works exceptionally well." - M. Tuohy
Ty Lee
+44 7805 777 762