PureShowers.co.uk Announces New Giveaway with Its Biggest Ever Giveaway and Prize Pool

It’s competition time at PureShowers.co.uk, and this year they are giving away their biggest ever prize pool in their annual Shower Filter competition. - July 03, 2021

Pureshowers.co.uk Introduce Into the Market a Brand-New Shower Filter Cartridge

PureShowers.co.uk design and develop a brand-new shower filter cartridge which incorporates a unique combination of filter mediums that provide higher levels of shower filtration and better water flow. - March 30, 2021

PureShowers.co.uk Develops an Innovative Tap Filter to Combat Harmful Fluoride in Tap Water

PureShowers.co.uk introduces to the market an innovative Tap Water Filter that they have designed and developed which removes harmful fluoride from tap water. - March 05, 2021

Pureshowers.Co.Uk Launches the World’s First Matte Black Hand-Held Shower Filter Into the UK Market

Black is the new black when it comes to tapware, especially in the world of bathroom interior design. Homeowners looking to add the statement shade to their space can now do as PureShowers.co.uk launches the world’s first matte black, hand-held shower filter. The majority of hand-held shower... - June 19, 2020

PureShowers.co.uk Launches Brand New Bath Filter Product to Shower Filter Market

PureShowers.co.uk have teamed up with Sprite Industries to bring to the UK market the most revolutionary Bath Water Filters on the market. Using Sprite Industries' patented and NSF certified filter medium, Chlorgon - these Bath Water Filters use a process of redox to filter and produce crystal... - June 12, 2018

PureShowers.co.uk Gains Two of the Internet’s Highest Security Certifications, Making It the Most Secure Online Shower Filter Retailer in the UK

PureShowers.co.uk, the UK’s # 1 Shower Filter Store, has once again topped its competitors by becoming the UK’s most secure online shower filter retailer. Over the last few weeks PureShowers.co.uk have been working hard to gain two of the Internet’s highest security... - April 01, 2015

PureShowers.co.uk Hit the Market with Revolutionary New Shower Filter Products for 2015

PureShowers.co.uk hit the market with two revolutionary shower filter products which incorporate the latest technology in water filters. Combining two unique types of filter mediums in a new way – the latest offerings from PureShowers.co.uk will redefine shower water filters forever. - January 22, 2015

PureShowers.co.uk Launches Stylish New Website

PureShowers.co.uk launches a brand new website that makes the shower filter shopping experience; faster, easier and more enjoyable. - August 20, 2014

PureShowers.co.uk Launches the Summer 2013 Shower Filters Competition

PureShowers.co.uk announces the launch of its Summer 2013 Shower Filters Competition. This national competition is open to all residents in the UK with the grand prize being One Years' Supply of Shower Filter Refills or £50 in cash. Ty Lee, Marketing and Communications Manager at... - July 11, 2013

PureShowers.co.uk Announce Three New Exclusive Products This Autumn

PureShowers.co.uk announce three new exclusive products in their Autumn 2012 product offering. Including the highly requested Bath Ball Bath Filter and two high quality Hand Held Shower Filters in White and Chrome. - October 04, 2012

PureShowers.co.uk Launches New German Website : DuschFilterShop.de

DuschFilterShop.de is dedicated to offering up to date information regarding Shower Filters and water quality to the people of Germany, also consisting of a secure eCommerce gateway for users to purchase high quality Shower Filter products. The new website consists of a Shower Filter / Water Quality Blog and a forum for user reviews and discussion. Making DuschFilterShop.de the new single web location for all things Shower Filter related in Germany. - March 06, 2011

UK Homes Are Second Largest Cause of Lung Cancer Announces PureShowers.co.uk

UK Homes and Showers Expose People to Cancer Causing Airborne Radon Gases. The World Health Organisation (WHO) Announced That the Second Biggest Cause of Lung Cancer is Through Low to Medium Exposure to Radon Gases in Homes.[1] - October 06, 2010

Shower Water Exposes Us to Health Risks Announces PureShowers.co.uk

Showering in Unfiltered Water Can be More Dangerous Than Drinking It. Leading scientists believe that having a hot shower can release toxic vapours from chemicals in shower water that can expose us to health risks. - April 29, 2010

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