New Multicultural Market Research Series Released by Common Sense Advisory

Strategies and Best Practices for Reaching U.S. Hispanics and Other Multilingual Populations Online throughout the World

Boston, MA, July 11, 2007 --( Common Sense Advisory ( has released an update to its multicultural market research reports published in 2004 and 2005. Two of the three reports in the series focus on internet retailers and details which companies translate their websites, how they respond (or not) to their webforms and e-mail inquiries, and what they need to know to get their websites up to speed to sell to a multicultural audience. The third discusses the laws requiring the translation of materials based on non-discrimination and equal access, as well as who these laws affect.

Three updated reports are included in the series:
· "Reaching America's eLatinos: Otra Vez" – Most American retailers tend to ignore minority, ethnic, or multicultural market segments. This multicultural and e-mail response report contains the results of the firm’s contact with 100 internet retailers by webform and e-mail, in English and Spanish.
· "Strategies for Developing Multicultural Sites" – Online strategy for companies, associations, and non-governmental organizations considering a more active outreach to multicultural and multilingual audiences. It complements the two other reports in the series, “Reaching America’s e-Latinos – Otra Vez” and “When Translation Is the Law.”
· "When Translation Is the Law" – Federal laws, court rulings, and executive orders mandate that the government not discriminate on the basis of language. This report outlines the issues for government agencies in the United States and Europe and offers some best practices on how to accomplish this task.

While focused on the U.S. Hispanic market, these reports should interest anyone in a government or business, in North America or Europe, who communicate with residents speaking minority or regional languages.

The multicultural market research reports are available to members of Common Sense Advisory’s Research. For more information, visit or call +1 978-275-0500.

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