Market for Outsourced Translation and Interpreting Services and Technology to Surpass US$33.5 Billion in 2012

Common Sense Advisory releases its annual ranking of the top 100 global language services providers and regional rankings of the largest providers in nine major regions of the world. - June 03, 2012

Greater Access to Translation Could Save Lives and Protect Human Rights in Africa

New report from Common Sense Advisory and Translators without Borders highlights the growing need for translation in Africa. - May 10, 2012

New Research Study to Explore Connection Between Translation and Information Disparities in Africa

Common Sense Advisory’s report for Translators without Borders will include detailed information about the state of translation for African languages. - December 01, 2011

As Content Volume Explodes, Machine Translation Becomes an Inevitable Part of Global Content Strategy

New research from Common Sense Advisory explains how translation automation tools such as MT are increasing the volume and accelerating the pace of words rendered into other languages. - November 23, 2011

Why Many International Businesses Are Not as Global as They Think

Based on interviews across multiple industries, new research from Common Sense Advisory links translation to the bigger picture of international business and outlines steps for building sustainable globalization strategies. - August 27, 2011

European Translation Industry Expert, Karl-Johan Lönnroth, to Contribute to Common Sense Advisory’s Research Projects

The former Director-General at the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission will cover multilingual workforce development, economics of linguistic diversity, and the European market for the independent research firm. - July 25, 2011

Google, Facebook, and YouTube Top the List of the World’s Best Global Websites in 2011

New report from research firm Common Sense Advisory details how language, customer experience, metanavigation, engagement, and other globalization metrics factor into higher levels of international revenues. - April 02, 2011

New Research Provides Model for Increasing Translation and Localization Revenue in an Industry of 25,000+ Global Competitors

Report from Common Sense Advisory shows providers how to sell translation from the top down. - March 31, 2011

Crowdsourced Translation Yields More Multilingual Content in Less Time Through the Power of Online Communities

Market research firm Common Sense Advisory’s latest report for buyers of language services details the findings and best practices from more than 100 companies - February 23, 2011

Best Practices for Global Website Design

New report from Common Sense Advisory details 40,000 language, navigation, localization, and content datapoints from the top 1,000 global websites. - December 30, 2010

Global Software Firms Seek to Capture More Revenue from International Markets

New report from Common Sense Advisory helps developers benchmark their spending on localization and translation as part of global expansion efforts. - November 24, 2010

Translation and Localization Industry Pricing Survey Reveals While Demand is Up, Prices are Down

Industry pricing report, based on Common Sense Advisory’s survey of 651 language service providers, details cost of services across 156 language pairs. - August 14, 2010

Customers Push Global Software Developers to Deliver More Products in More Languages

Common Sense Advisory report provides insight into how global product localization is changing in the face of increased customer expectations - July 22, 2010

Market Research Report by Common Sense Advisory Provides Best Practices for Authoring in Global Communications

Report includes six-step process for breaking the siloed approach to content creation, translation, and publishing - July 20, 2010

Maximizing the Value of Small to Medium Translation Agencies

Common Sense Advisory market research report helps language service providers create a sustainable, measurable business to prepare their companies for growth, longevity in the marketplace, or sale. - May 26, 2010

Common Sense Advisory Launches Research Program Exclusively for Buyers of Language and Globalization Services

New Global Leaders Research service developed exclusively for corporations, governments, and non-governmental organizations operating internationally or in domestic multicultural markets. - May 05, 2010

New Language Services Industry Research Details Web Marketing Best Practices

Latest market research report from Common Sense Advisory provides detailed reviews of 18,900 unique data points from 300 translation and interpreting company websites - March 07, 2010

Research Report Ranks 16 Global Content Management Systems

Common Sense Advisory outlines the functions that matter most in managing multilingual websites and documents, and which CMS vendors do the best in implementing these critical features - February 12, 2010

U.S. Federal Government Spends US$4.5 Billion on Outsourced Translation and Interpreting Services

New market research report from Common Sense Advisory details third-party language services spending over the past two decades - January 19, 2010

Common Sense Advisory to Present “The Business Case for Localization Post-Recession” at Localization World in Silicon Valley

Session to cover real-world measurement of localization investment, zero-click strategies for international website visitors, and emerging models for next-gen localization - October 21, 2009

New Report by Market Research Firm Common Sense Advisory Reviews the Business Case for Machine Translation and the Available Automated Solutions

Global business and immigration is driving organizations to consider translating huge volumes of their content for speakers of foreign languages. - September 25, 2009

Global Survey of Language Services Providers Identifies Patterns Among Translation and Localization Buyer Groups

Research by Common Sense Advisory provides comprehensive profile of translation buyers by industry. - September 25, 2009

Common Sense Advisory Releases Annual Ranking of Top 30 Translation, Interpretation, and Localization Providers; Companies Realize More Than 19 Percent Average Growth

Revenue data reveals that 2008 was a strong year for many suppliers in the language services industry. - May 22, 2009

Freelance Language Professionals Report Stability Despite Economic Downturn

Research Firm Common Sense Advisory surveys 277 freelance translators and interpreters from around the world about business demand, pricing, and the economy. - May 20, 2009

Translation and Localization Industry Grows Amidst Declining Business Confidence Levels

Research Firm Common Sense Advisory releases market data for 2008 - April 04, 2009

Business Globalization Research Firm Common Sense Advisory Announces Expansion to Nordic Countries and Baltic States

Translation and Localization Industry Executive, Anne-Marie Colliander Lind, Joins Firm as Director, Nordic Markets. - March 20, 2009

Terminology Management Helps Global Businesses Stretch Budgets and Save Costs

Common Sense Advisory research indicates companies that invest in terminology management benefit from decreased translation project costs and improved consistency throughout the global content management lifecycle. - March 05, 2009

Comprehensive Analysis of the $5.7 Billion U.S. Translation Industry by Verticals and Geographic Market Detailed in New Common Sense Advisory Research Report

How should language service providers (LSPs) use their limited internal sales and marketing resources efficiently to reach more potential buyers? Which industries have the largest outsourceable translation budgets in the United States? Where are those buyers located? Common Sense Advisory... - February 18, 2009

More Than Nine Out of 10 Businesses Surveyed Across Eight Countries Prefer to Purchase Products That Have Been Adapted to Local Language and Market Needs

Research firm Common Sense Advisory publishes report on localization’s impact on business purchasing decisions by country, language, company size, English proficiency, and product cost. - December 03, 2008

Research Report Evaluates and Ranks 24 Translation Management Systems That Enhance Multilingual Content and Streamline International Business Operations

Faced with the challenges of presenting their brands and goods to international markets, growing numbers of global corporations and language service providers rely on translation management systems (TMS) to optimize multilingual content and streamline international operations. Common Sense... - October 04, 2008

Language Services Industry Research Report from Common Sense Advisory Illuminates Buyers’ Views of Translation Quality

Business globalization research firm conducted in-depth interviews with 28 companies that pay to translate hundreds of millions of words into an average of 30 languages; results detailed in latest report. - August 29, 2008

Business Globalization and Language Services Research Firm, Common Sense Advisory, Publishes Tip Sheet for Travellers to the Olympics

Analyst and cultural specialist, Nataly Kelly, outlines tips for avoiding communication barriers in China. - July 26, 2008

Global Market for Outsourced Interpreting Services Hit US$2.5 Billion in 2007, New Common Sense Advisory Research Report Reveals

Common Sense Advisory calculated that the global market for outsourced interpreting services hit US$2.5 billion in 2007, with telephone interpreting representing a significant percentage of this amount. In 2007, the global telephone interpreting market was worth US$700 million, with an estimated... - June 21, 2008

Common Sense Advisory Releases Ranking of Top 15 Telephone Interpreting Providers Worldwide

Companies realize more than 21 percent average growth. - June 21, 2008

Interpreting Services Industry Added to Common Sense Advisory’s Research and Consulting Expertise

Business globalization research and consulting firm adds interpreting industry expert consultant and author, Nataly Kelly, to its team of analysts. - May 15, 2008

Academic Pricing Announced for “Business Without Borders: A Strategic Guide to Global Marketing"

Practical how-to book covering the bases of launching a successful global initiative available at a more than 50% discount to academic retailers and faculty - August 17, 2007

New Multicultural Market Research Series Released by Common Sense Advisory

Strategies and Best Practices for Reaching U.S. Hispanics and Other Multilingual Populations Online throughout the World - July 11, 2007

Common Sense Advisory Releases Ranking of Top 20 Translation and Localization Providers

“Ranking of Top 20 Translation Companies for 2006” is an update to the 2004 and 2005 rankings and is available at - May 05, 2007

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