ESE Direct Increases Revenue by Almost £50,000 with Postcode Anywhere

ESE Direct improves conversion rates after installing address validation from Postcode Anywhere.

Worcester, United Kingdom, October 12, 2012 --( ESE Direct, a retailer of industrial and commercial products, has noted an immediate growth in revenue, after implementing Postcode Anywhere on their ecommerce website.

The B2B retailer use address validation from Postcode Anywhere to ensure a fast and efficient checkout process on their online store. After just one year of using the service, ESE estimates increased revenue by almost £50,000.

Lee Newell, Online Marketing Executive at ESE Direct said: “We came to Postcode Anywhere as we needed a way to speed up our order entry process to enable us to handle the significant increase in business we have been enjoying over the last three years.”

Painless Checkouts

“We also wanted to make it easy for our customers to place orders online with as few barriers to conversion as possible. Using Postcode Anywhere makes the whole process virtually painless for the consumer and very easy to populate their delivery and invoice addresses into our system.

“The quality of our data is very important to us. Without the correct postal address our carrier deliveries can be delayed or, worse still, we could incur expensive re-delivery costs for any failed attempts. Using Postcode Anywhere we can ensure that the customer’s contact details are consistent and accurate right from the point of entry. We know that when we send out our 400-page catalogue we can guarantee they will be sent to the right address, every time, keeping our mailing costs as low as possible.

“Using Postcode Anywhere has saved us thousands of pounds a year in postal costs as well as gaining tens of thousands of pounds a year in sales by making it easy for customers to order. In fact, we’ve noticed an outstanding decline in our cart abandonment rates since installing address finder on our checkout page, translating to additional revenues of £49,000, which is phenomenal really.”

Easy Integrations

“Postcode Anywhere can be implemented in just a few hours. It’s very simple and only requires basic programming knowledge. We would recommend the system to anyone who wishes to make their staff or their customer’s lives easier as well as provide a more consistent data format.”

Guy Mucklow, Postcode Anywhere’s managing director: “In today’s hostile climate, it should go without saying that companies need to look at how they can streamline operations, cut costs and work smarter.

“It’s using tools such as address auto-fill that can make a real difference to a company’s standing in the market, as ESE Direct’s increased sales demonstrate. They are making intelligent use of Postcode Anywhere’s web-based technologies, and as a result can continue to offer world-class customer service while cutting down on delivery costs.

“It’s the businesses that challenge the way they operate which will continue to grow. Often, there is no better way to do this than by looking at new technology, and ESE Direct’s latest achievements are fantastic news from our position as their current software supplier.”
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Natalie Green