Save Green by Going Green with Pre Lit Christmas Trees

Save Green by Going Green with Pre Lit Christmas Trees
Richmond, VA, October 12, 2012 --( Watching the little fiber optic lights illuminate in a kaleidoscope of colors can cause sudden feelings of happiness to those lucky enough to own an artificial Christmas tree with LED fiber optic light. The feelings of joy one experiences are often credited to a multitude of reasons including unique appearance, adjustable lighting levels, reduced risk of fire related incidents, and possibly the most appealing of them all, lower electric bills.

As Christmas season begins to approach and tree buying season starts to hit full swing, LED fiber optic Christmas trees are gaining in popularity. The site offers many sizes of LED fiber optic Christmas trees. According the site, users of LED artificial Christmas trees are able to save up to ten times as much energy as traditional trees with incandescent lights would cost.

Shoppers visiting are provided with a variety of options for fiber optic LED artificial Christmas trees that range from 2 ft to 9 ft in height. Costs range from $49.99 for the 2 ft tree to $499 for the 9 ft tree. This tree with matching wreath and garland is as affordable as it is eco-friendly. As the movement to save our planet from environmental hazards continues to grow, shoppers are eager to seek out green products that offer an environmentally sound solution to common problems. With artificial fiber optic trees and LED pre lit Christmas trees shoppers can make a real difference in their daily carbon footprint. Even scientists are finding that LED pre-lit Christmas trees like the fiber optic trees found on are leaving owners with major savings on energy usage.

"I did a little shopping for supposed energy efficient trees. The smallest miniature light found in most stores consumes .4 Watts. That means 12 of these single lights exceeds the total energy of all the LED lights on one of your 4 ft trees. This calculates to more than 10 times the energy consumption of your LED trees," notes Lawrence A. Horn an electrical engineer with a degree from Syracuse who analyzed the new fiber optic LED tree.

With a light that shines brighter than halogen and an energy usage savings of 90% over traditional Christmas trees, it is a good bet that shoppers will be going green in a whole new way this holiday season. For more information please check out all the pre lit Christmas trees at
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