Version 6.1.1 of the Classified Software Now Includes the Mass Email Module (Among Other Updates)

WorksForWeb has recently released a new version of all classifieds software products.

Wilmington, DE, October 13, 2012 --( has done it again with the release of Version 6.1.1 of its critically acclaimed and world-renowned Classified Software. In a nutshell, the upcoming autumn season promises to be a significant one for regular patrons of the Works for Web brand because its Classified Script update is jam-packed with useful modules that are sure to help them gain the traffic and sales they've been yearning for. More to the point, the latest Classified Software update brings forth the mass email module, the sitemap module, automated mass action with field values, and a variety of minor yet significant improvements such as bug fixes and interface improvements (feel free to check out the detailed list of changes at the changelog page of the Works for Web website).

The WorksforWeb Team has made some significant developments in their Classified Software that will surely help those who want to create the best classified website they could possibly make using the scripts offered by the Works for Web brand. They've listened specifically to the clamors of their loyal audience, and as such they've come up with an essential module for mass email, among the many other updates mentioned above. The mass email module came about because it's important for webmasters to keep their own clients well-informed in regards to the updates, news, and promos being offered by their classified site, whether it's a general classified site or a specific one covering realty, automobiles, and other fields.

One of the easiest ways to keep customers abreast of a website's latest special offers is to give them the choice to subscribe to periodic electronic newsletters sent directly to their email. Most everyone nowadays have their own email addresses; however, people hate to be spammed with newsletters they didn't ask for, so it's best for clients to use their mass mailing module on a consensual basis (i.e., the newsletters that are being sent should only be available to people who specifically subscribed to them). With that said, the mass mailing module was developed with industry standards concerning the prevention of unsolicited email distribution and blacklisting services in mind.

Instead of relying on third party companies to deal with one's mass email and email marketing needs, clients can now depend on propriety software and scripts provided by the classified script company to deal with these issues for them. This will save people quite a lot of money because it's a lot cheaper to get the newest modules of Classified Software Version 6.1.1 than to avail of the services of an Internet marketing firm to handle mass emailing tasks and whatnot. It's the perfect module to have for businesses that want to maintain constant communication and rapport with their vast amount of clients in one go that's sure to reach them every time.

It's a myth to believe that if a customer wanted to avail of a promo, he'd be actively seeking it. There are times when companies have to outright provide updates concerning their latest offerings through a variety of mass communication methods (of which email marketing is a part of). The mass e-mail module of is just what the proverbial doctor ordered when it comes to giving webmasters the power to deliver their current deals, special offers, website news, latest product and service developments, and so forth in a way that's convenient to both them and their respective clientele. It's in the best interest of web administrators to avail of this latest Classified Software updates from WorksforWeb even if only for the fact that it now provides the mass email module.
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